Junior Varsity Kids Review


Junior Varsity Natural’s kids deodorant has answered the clamoring need for a safe and very gentle deodorant for kids.  Junior Varsity brand deodorant was created by Varsity Naturals. This is an all natural product developed for active children and adults of any age. You won’t find any harsh or potentially dangerous chemicals in our deodorant  such as Aluminum Chlorohydrate (may be linked with Alzheimer’s Disease), Paraben’s (may be linked with breast cancer), Propylene Glycol (ingredient commonly used in manufacturing antifreeze) .

As you know I find it super important for my kids to natural products and to not put anything icky on or in it…We loved Junior Varsity! It was effective, smelled nice and I felt comfortable with them using it! See the video above for their review!


 Glycerin:  From vegetable oil.

Used to retain skin’s moisture

Aqua: Water

Sodium StearateFrom steraic acid

(from vegetable oil)

Etylhexylglycerin:  Derived from vegetable glycerin

Polysorbate 20:  Derived from Lauric Acid

From coconut oil

Sodium Bicarbonate
: Baking Soda

Crushed Silica: Natural Silica minerals

Scent:  Fragrance

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