2018 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide


Looking for gift ideas for your lover? Your Bestie? Or even you 8 year old? We’ve compiled a list of of goodies, and the very best companies to shop for the perfect gift or treat this Valentine’s Day!



Check out the goodies we think would be a fantastic choice for the the adult Valentine’s in your life!



California Tea House— For the tea lover in your life. Not only do they have high quality, delicious loose teas, they have an amazing aphrodisiac blend, perfect for a romantic evening with your tea drinking hottie, and not only they that, but they have flowering tea. Yup, you heard me right. Watch as your tea blooms, and enjoy a tasty cup of tea–kind romantic in itself, am I right? ( Pictured here is their Apricot Chai Aphrodisiac Black Tea )



Sinful Colors Professionals— Great not only to give as a gift to your girlfriend, or bestie, they are a perfect gift to give yourself, so you look on point from your toes to your fingertips this Valentine’s Day! This gift set is sure to have your perfect shade to use this lover’s day–and every other day, for that matter. My favorite is the Limited Edition–No Heart Feelings.



Cracker Barrel–One of my absolute favorite spots to shop, is Cracker Barrel. They have high end, unique gifts, trinkets, clothes, candy, and literally, so much more, perfect for just about anyone in your life. Even your dog. I could spend hours checking out the wide variety of goodies they carry, and end up wanting over half of the store ( online and my local location ). For the girl who has everything, why not some amazing Goat Milk Hand Creams? A holographic water bottle, or even a super nifty head massager? ( Dionis Goat Milk Hand Cream Gift Set )



Luxe By Mr. Bubble— I’m gonna have to admit, that this one makes me squee a bit with delight. From the age of 4 ( which was a LONG time ago ), I have loved Mr. Bubble. Something about the original scent, lulls me into a state of feeling like a carefree child, who doesn’t have to pay the electric bill. This Grown-up line from Mr. Bubble incorporates so many of my favorite things–taking long hot baths, Mr. Bubble and the packaging and products themselves are ADORABLE. The the retro inspired packing, and treat themed style of the products themselves, gives me ALL the feels, and I would be a smitten kitten to receive just about anything from their luxurious line of goodies. ( Pictured here are the Meltaways Bath Candies & the Bubblietini Bath Bombs–Check out Target and Target.com for the Meltaways and Bubbletini; as well as  UltaBeauty and Ulta.com for the amazing Meltaways. )



Adagio Teas— Another treat for the tea lover, Adagio Teas. But, as you can see here, they offer more than just tea! Though their line of tea is absolutely amazing, they also carry honey, chocolates and cookies especially made for tea time! This artisan honey, is by Cloister, and is absolutely deeelicious!Made in the US, by artisan bee keepers, this honey would make any tea loving lovely, sweet on you for sure!



Cracker Barrel— Like I said, Cracker Barrel has it all! This handy dandy little gadget would an amazing gift for the hunk in your life, or even to a single girlfriend, embracing girl power! ‘Cause we can do anything they can do, better!



Hammonds Candies— While this gift isn’t exclusively for adults, I am categorizing it here, because, OH MY LAWD, maybe someone will get the hint and load me up with a ton of goodies from Hammonds and send them to me this Valentine’s Day! ( someone should tell my husband to read this! ) From kid friendly favorites, to favorites for the inner child–like the PB & J Sandwich Bar, Hammonds has just about everything you need to please the sweet tooth! Nom Nom Nom!



Hard Candy Cosmetics— My other favorite candy? Hard Candy. I’ve been a die hard Hard Candy fan, from way back. Like 90’s matching jelly rings, back. So needless to say, they at at the top of my list for must have cosmetic goodness. They have gorgeous lipsticks, bright and sassy eye liners, and even a new CHOCOLATE SCENTED bronzer ( Fox in a Box ). Who doesn’t wanna walk around smelling like a bar of chocolate, I mean really?!? So, whether your picking some up for your gal pal, or wanting to look fly for your Valentine’s Day date, Hard Candy is a definite go to. Just try not lick your face, in all of your chocolate bronzer wearing goodness.



1-800-flowers.com/Harry & David—Two is better than one, with this pair ( only one pictured ) of Harry & David Chocolate Rose Heart Cakes! What a perfect way to celebrate Vday, than with a cake…for each of you! These tasty heart shaped cakes are topped with THE most amazing buttercream icing, I believe a person could ever devour! But the best part? It’s delivered right to their door! Talk about setting the mood for a fantastic evening! Mmm!



1-800-flowers/Cheryl’s Cookies— Have a Valentine’s Day Cookie Tower delivered to your sweeties door steps this Valentine’s with 1-800-flowers! A COOKIE TOWER, PEOPLE!  These cookies come packaged adorably, and definitely set the vday mood! This assortment is sure to please even the pickiest foodie in your life with the wide variety of super high quality, decadent treats that will make your lovers mouth water.



BloomsyBox— Though sending flowers on Valentine’s Day can seem a bit basic, with BloomsyBox, this gift for your sweetie will be anything but! Their flowers are delivered to your door, fresh and beautiful, but what’s more…they are not your average every day flowers from your local florist. They are unique, and nothing short of breathtaking! This particular bouquet is full of “Free Spirit Roses”, with their rough edges and wide opening blooms, they are literally some of THE most gorgeous roses, I have ever laid my eyes on! Grown year round in Colombia and Ecuador, these roses are sure to WOW your Valentine! Nothing makes me happier than a vase of fresh flowers in the room, and with these beauties you get anywhere from 8-10 days of life, making for some joyful, Free Spirited days!



Besame Cosmetics— I am absolutely over the moon excited about Besame Cosmetics. Not only are they high quality, gorgeous products, but they are vintage inspired, which if you know me at all, you know is my thing. These would make an extremely lovely gift for the makeup guru in your life–( again, hope my husband is reading this! ). This Mascara Cake, is housed in a lovely red tin, and can be applied as not only mascara, but eyeliner and on the eyebrows as well. It’s such a charming little tin, I cant help be feeling excited every single time I use it.  They offer a wide variety of products ( all of them extremely charming ), and I am in love with their lipsticks, which are  reproductions of  lipstick shades used by your favorite Hollywood starlets. 1935 Cherry Red, is my favorite.



merci–For me, it isn’t a proper holiday without merci Chocolates! These charmingly delicious chocolates are always in such beautiful seasonally timed packaging, and make THE perfect gift for the chocolate junkie in your life!  merci offers a thoughtful collection of fine, European chocolates.  Each slim, stylish box contains eight unique, individually-wrapped flavors, including Milk Chocolate, Coffee and Cream, Hazelnut Almond, Hazelnut Crème, Marzipan, Dark Cream, Dark Mousse and Praline Crème. merci is available in grocery stores and retailers nationwide in 7-ounce boxes at a standard retail price of $5-7. merci is available in milk chocolate and assorted varieties.





Townely Girl–For the girly girls on your love list, you might consider checking out these Minnie Mouse sets from Townley Girl! The colors are bright, and the cosmetics are real–not to mention a ton of fun! The sets come with a variety of different items, such as nail polish, nail files, lip gloss, and they all have a fun carrying case or pouch! Not in to Minnie? Townley Girl offers a wide variety of cosmetic goodies in a wide range of themes/characters. They even have some kits that your bigger girls will be thrilled with!



Cracker Barrel– What more can I say about shopping Cracker Barrel? It’s amazing! With these affordable little writing tablets and matching pens, your little ones can pen a few love letters. Perfect for a Valentine’s Day gift bag or even as a stand alone gift.



Hammonds Candy–They have a wide variety of chocolates as well as other delicious goodies that are perfect for anyone on your shopping list. I am featuring this gigantic heart shaped sucker, because, well, it’s awesome! My 4 year old had his eye on it from the moment arrived, and was pleased as punch when I finally gave him the go ahead to open it up and give it a lick! It’s tons of fun, and yummy to boot!



Cracker Barrel–If you have young children, I am sure you are all too familiar with Fingerlings! While it was the hot Christmas item, it’s still a super hot gift, and coveted by just about every little kid I know! You can pick one up at Cracker Barrel, and be the hit of the holiday! These things are adorable, and a bunch of fun–and not too awful annoying!



Cracker Barrel–I am adding this multi tool to my list for kids, because I think it’s a fantastic for a responsible, older kiddo–boy OR girl. It’s not only handy, but it gives them a sense of responsibility, and maturity. My little adventurers/scouts were happy as can be to have one to carry out on their adventures in the woods!



Gimbals Candy— For all of you jellybean lovers ( kids and adults alike ) out there, this ones for you! Gimbals Fine Candy, is offering up super adorable, not to mention, super tasty heart shaped beans straight from the heavens. Choose between the Cinnamon Lovers variety, or my favorite, the Cherry Lovers bag, and be prepared for a mouth full of goodness! These jelly beans aren’t your run of the mill jellies! They are packed full of flavor, and seriously just make you happy. Yum!