Brightening a Room with BloomsyBox


I have always been a big fan of fresh flowers, they have the ability to totally change the feel and vibe of a room, and truly bring a coziness and light feeling that I absolutely love! When I discovered BloomsyBox, I knew that this was a subscription service that I could really get behind. Monthly flowers delivered right to your door, how cool is that ?


A basic subscription to BloomsyBox is $34.99 per bouquet, which is more than reasonable ( if you are familiar with fresh flower prices+delivery ). The thing that stands out in particular about these flowers is that they are fresh from the farms that they are grown on! Sourced directly from South America, Holland, Thailand and California, they skip the middle man and deliver you fresh, amazing flowers that look fabulous FAR longer than any flowers I have received or ordered in the past.


What makes these flowers even more unique, is that they aren’t mixed. These are like flowers–single variety, hand tied bunches of beauty that really helps keep the prices low and the quality amazing.

When my flowers first arrived, nicely packaged in a big lovely box, I was honestly a little concerned with the way that they looked–they were beautiful, but a bit wilted looking…but I immediately read the enclosed card that explained that this was completely normal, and to give the bouquet a day-or-two and that these flowers would bloom beautifully, and they were not wrong! Within 2 days, my flowers opened up and looked AMAZING! So fresh, not a wilted one in the bunch! This was actually quite fun to watch, and made the experience even more fantastic!


The flowers I received were absolutely perfect for Spring, and I was so pleased with this, and learning that Bloomsy Box changes their bouquets with the seasons, hand selecting beautiful, perfect flowers to make your perfect bouquet!

This service is definitely one that really impressed me, from their reasonable prices, to their option of being able to stop your shipments if you are out of town ( or whatever reason ), to their hand selection that assures you beeeautiful flowers every single month! I am VERY pleased with my bouquet, and I know that you will be pleased as well!


You can find them here on their website, as well as on social media:




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