Stylin’ and Giving Back with Schoola!


Around our house we are big fans of Schoola ( an online shop full of fabulous new and gently used pieces with 40% of the proceeds going to schools ) and we have been for some time. This little Jacket by Coco Bon Bons,  is one of my most favorite pieces we have ever found—and we have found some good stuff! The jacket is not only adorable, but it doubles as a jacket and raincoat! The coat arrived to us in great condition, even being used, and is bright, nice and has years and years worth of wear left! He and I both love it and I am so glad that I ordered it a size larger than normal, so that he can get even more wear from this adorable coat!

Since signing up with Schoola, we have found so many great deals, making it one of my go-to sites for online shopping! As I have stated in the past, we live on a very small budget and finding great deals on quality pieces of clothing, shoes and accessories really makes the difference in our budget! It definitely appeals to me, to not only save so much, but to be able to support of local schools in the process!



Schoola has such a wide variety of clothing, shoes and accessories, there is definitely a style for just about anyone! Schoola was kind enough to send us a few pieces of clothing their team picked out for us, and we couldn’t be more pleased with their selections!

These super adorable, preppy styled outfits look fabulous on my little ones! The plaid button down from Ralph Lauren, is not only trendy, but great for dressing up and for casual every day wear, making it a staple in any little guy’s wardrobe! The fleece vest from Oshkosh also adds a nice layered touch that really makes the outfit stand out!

PicMonkey Collage=2

My daughter ( shown from the back wearing her adorable Schoola backpack ) is wearing a color coordinated cap sleeved t-shirt, also from Ralph Lauren. I was quite pleased that all of these pieces were bright/vibrant, with no fading what-so-ever ( something that’s pretty important to me ) and in great condition all the way around. Leelah ( my daughter ), has on an adorable bright yellow baret style hat, also from Schoola, from a past purchase, that I thought looked adorable in combination.

My kids have already gotten so much use out of their adorable outfits, and they have even made appearances in several photo shoots! ( this photo below was taken for an Easter themed craft photo shoot )


Give Back! If you are interested in donating clothing to help give back to our Schools–such as helping to fund programs in schools such as art, music, field trips and physical education, simply request a bag here and one will be sent your way at no cost. Simply fill your bag with great gently used, high quality clothing that your child outgrew a little too fast, or even new stuff that you or your kids just don’t seem to wear, then pick your school you would like to donate to! We picked a local school that my son attends, but you can choose any that you like! And guess what ? Schoola pays for the shipping! How cool!



Have you purchased from or donated to Schoola in the past? Let me know in the comments below! 🙂 And if you haven’t don’t forget to check them out and request a postage paid donation bag! With guilt-free shopping like this, you definitely won’t regret it!


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