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As a Mother of three children I am always looking for fun new ways for my kiddos to learn, and that includes finding bright vibrant books that are not only age appropriate, but are based on subjects that will hold their sometimes short attention spans. With that said, my kids are HUGE animal lovers…HUGE. My son, who is almost 3, often times “is” a dog or cat, so when I learned that Studio Fun International partnered with the ASPCA to create a book series called “Rescue Readers”, I know they were a fit, and would be a hit!


Each story is inspired by a real-life animal rescue story from the pet’s point of view and includes facts and photographs of the actual pet that inspired the story, something that definitely hold my kid’s attention, and teaches them in the process!  These readers are set at a 2nd grade level, which is perfect for my older son, and  means he can share the stories with his younger brother, who adores being read to!

One of my favorite things about these Rescue Readers, is that not only are these books educational, but the stories drive home the importance of animal care, how to care for your pets and all sorts of great information to prepare them for future pet ownership. This information is VERY vital and I love that they are learning it early in life, preparing them for many years of wonderful relationships with pets.


Wanna know something really cool about the books? Four to five percent of all of the sales of these books go directly to the ASPCA to aid in the continuance of the ASPCA mission! This makes my heart feel warm and fuzzy and when I told my kids, they thought that was pretty darn cool too!

These books are reasonably priced at $3.99 for the paperback  Rescue Readers  or $15.96 for all four! With prices like that, it makes it even easier to give back to the ASPCA and treat your kids to fun/informative pet filled adventures!


We absolutely love these informative stories in our household and think you will too! 🙂



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