Easy Gardening with Kids, A How to!

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One of my favorite summer time activities is to plant a garden. I absolutely love having fresh veggies in our home and being able to spend time with my family, especially my kids during the entire process, though to be honest, before last year, I was slightly daunted when thinking about including the kids. especially my younger two. Gardening can at times be such a delicate process, with precise steps, and as I am sure you all know, it requires patience.

After some thought, I did a little research on kid friendly plants, purchased small easy to use tools and decided to jump in, and now can’t imagine gardening without my little ones by my side. Below I have outlined a few of the simple steps we have followed to make the process easier and more kid friendly!


Our 1st step was to find seeds for plants that are kid friendly. While all fruits and veggies are great for little ones, some come up a bit quicker than others, great for little impatient gardeners! Carrots, Sugar Peas, Lettuce and Radishes are quick  growers, to name a few.

Once we had our seeds, we began the process of beginning our 2nd step. Finding kid friendly tools and supplies. Bright colorful shovels, fun garden gloves and kid sized pots and containers ( which would be fun to decorate ) .It might even be a blast to create recycled containers. These little touches can really get the kids into the spirit of gardening and help them feel comfortable.


Even little tools and supplies originally intended for play are often times functional, and make things a lot more fun!



3rd step, in my opinion, is to be patient. Though gardening can be a delicate process, we have been growing plants since the beginning of time under all sorts of conditions and with varying amounts of experience, so good intentions of little bodies with the supervision of a patient adults are sure to be successful!

4th, Dig in! Get your dirt, your containers, your seeds and all of your supplies and get to work! Explain the steps to your little ones, slowly and patiently, step by step, such as : Add dirt/soil to your container ( sizes vary, obviously ), press your dirt down a bit, create a small hole to drop your little seed, cover with dirt and compact down a bit more and then add water. Though your process may vary, these instructions are simple enough for even toddlers to understand with some visuals!

5th, Encourage your children to check on their plants at certain times during the day. Creating a routine for times to check growth and watering, can help the little ones keep the patience required and gives them something to look forward to each day.

6th, though it might require an adult to do the transplanting to a larger container ( depending on the route you take/ pot size ) once that bit is done, continuing to water and maintain there plants is a snap! And then comes the fun part, picking the delicious goodies grown by little hands.

The process can be so rewarding, and teaches kids so many valuable lessons along the way. Gardening has  definitely become one of my favorite ways to spend time with my children and I can’t imagine not being able to enjoy it with them for years to come, so when my arthritis in my knees started preventing me from enjoying kneeling in my garden and working with the kids, I was a little more than discouraged, to say the very least…


With more than 53 million Americans suffering from arthritis, I am among good company in my struggle  so, I had to ask myself, what is the secret to living pain free and continuing to enjoy not only my daily life, but activities with my children—not letting the pain dictate my routines and activities.

After doing research, I found that Advil is an amazing relief, most recommended by doctors, above Tylenol AND Aleve**, I decided to give it a try, and with the NEW Easy Open Arthritis Cap, Advil has made it even easier for fellow suffers to access their Advil, without additional pain! I think Advil has thought of everything!

**Based on a survey of monthly doctor recommendations.


With my pain under control, I have been able to enjoy a fabulous spring full of planting and crafting without worry of pain from my arthritis stopping me—and what fun it’s been! This year we decided to paint garden rocks to label our little plants, which is another fun way to get the kids involved and crafty! #WhatInconvenience


We took flat, smooth garden rocks we purchased ( though, I’m sure these can be found as well! ) and acrylic paint, a few paintbrushes, and got to work! The kids decided to paint pictures of the plants themselves and to label them with the name as well. This is an activity even the smaller ones can enjoy with a little help!


After drying, I sprayed the rocks down with a clear sealer, I’m not sure this step is required, but I thought it was a smart precaution with these little rocks being out in the elements.


The kids truly enjoyed the additional gardening activities, and have now requested to paint more rocks to look like big bugs to frighten the littler ones away! What creative thinking!


Whether is gardening, painting rocks or just chasing my kids around in the living room floor, it’s extremely important for me to stay pain free and active for not only myself, but for my children.


I purchased my Advil with an Easy Open Arthritis Cap at my local Walmart, and it can also be purchased online making it super convenient for me to keep up with our hectic summer schedule, gardening and crafting without breaking a sweat!

What if anything, stops YOU from enjoying these fantastic spring and summer days, and what do you do to combat the inconvenience? Have you tried gardening with your little ones? Any helpful tips or tricks?





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