IFME Shoe Review


As a mother of two boys, I am always looking for CUTE comfortable shoes and clothing. Over the years, I have grown frustrated with the hunt, and often times have resigned to purchasing pieces that might be comfortable, but aren’t all that cute.

When I discovered IFME, I was ecstatic! These are shoes for not only girls, but boys as well, and guess what? They are over the top adorable! After reading a few online reviews, I was also pretty convinced that these were a great choice as far as quality and comfort go as well.


When choosing sizes, I felt that the shoe ran pretty true to size, maybe a teensy bit big, but that is ALWAYS a good thing when it comes to purchasing shoes for growing kids. I was really impressed with the quality of the shoe, the materials and how they were made. My boys are notoriously hard on their footwear, and nothing ever seems to last very long, so quality shoes at reasonable prices are a biggie.


I love the bright vibrant colors, the fact that this particular pair matches with just about everything, and that HE himself is able to put the shoes on and be ready to go in seconds! These are definitely our new favorites, and he seems to be comfortable wearing these shoes while engaged in any activity, and best of all…if he jumps in a mud puddle? These are really easy to clean up. Love that.

Style, comfort, and odor protection ( using odor free fibers! ), makes these a really great, stylish option for boys and girls. I highly recommend checking these adorable shoes out for our favorite littles and maybe picking up a pair or two! .


“IFME was launched in 1999 as the original brand of Marubeni Footwear. With a priority on the healthy development of children’s feet, the brand was developed based on research and development with Japanese based medical professionals specializing in children’s feet. Since 2009 IFME had sold a total of 16 million pairs of shoes globally. IFME now boasts an extensive network of 1,800 stores in Japan, Hong Kong, and Taiwan and is launching in the U.S. in spring, 2016.
 The name IFME, short for “IF it was ME,” reflects the brand’s deep commitment to customer satisfaction. This attitude is upheld throughout all aspects of production and distribution. The brand concept – making shoes that support the healthy development of children’s feet – remains at the heart of IFME.”

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