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DSC_9723Recently, after a visit to my Mother in Law’s home, I made the discovery that not only was she desperately in need of some help with organization, but that she is lonely. Living a few hours away, it makes it hard to visit her as often as we would like and with her progressing age and recent passing of her husband, she isn’t able to keep up with house hold tasks and keeping things quite as organized as she once was, or would like.


I made the decision to treat her to a little mini-bathroom makeover when I realized this one of the places she most desperately needed a touch of organization. She welcomed this idea, especially when she realized how simply and quickly it could be done!

We decided to use items already available around the house. She chose a few small decorative pieces to add a  touch of color, as well as a few baskets that weren’t already in use.


I set to work cleaning, organizing and rearranging all of her bathroom necessities, really trying to focus on placing the items she uses the most, at an easy convenient location for her, and placed in a way that makes it simple for her to reach and clean,

One of the items that she uses most frequently and she had in the most inconvenient location, were her Poise® Pads – maximum Absorbency that we purchase on our bi-weekly trips to Sam’s Club ( though I do love that they have the option to shop online available! )

FYI: When you open your Poise Packaging when purchased from Sam’s Club, there will be a sticker located inside that is redeemable for a Caregivers Sample Pack at the Sam’s Club Pharmacy! How cool is that?

DSC_9737Poise® Maximum Absorbency Pads offer a fantastic absorbancy that gives not only protection but confidence! These Pads have an absorb-loc® core, that keeps away wetness and odor, not to mention the leak block sides that provide worry free protection! These our my dear mother in law’s go to pads for the ultimate protection, and provide her with such a sense of relief and confidence that makes her life a little more worry free! I am so thankful that products like Depend  as well as Poise have made things so much simpler and hassle free for those, like my mother-in-law, who struggle with bladder leakage. Knowing that she has comfort and protection from leaks, gives her a sense of confidence, that I feel that in her progressing years, she seems to feel as though she is losing with her declining independence.


To start the process of organizing we:

  1. Evaluated her needs
  2. Sorted through her clutter and chose what to keep and what not to keep
  3. Organized the products that were most important to her
  4. Stored them in their new designated containers
  5. Arranged said containers in a beautiful, yet functional location
  6. Added small accents to really liven up the area


Once we completed all of these steps, we also added a few small touches around the rest of the bathroom, such as a decorative hook right next to her shower, to hang her shower cap and washcloth. Then we stored away the rest of the things that she decided to keep but weren’t quite as necessary in her day-to-day routine, and made things a whole lot tidier and functional.

Giving back to those who have not only paved the way for us, is not only a nice thing to do, it is important. In our fast paced society, it’s easy to forget that not only do we owe our thanks, but our time and dedication to providing a comfortable, joy filled life for those who have provided and taught us throughout the years.

Simple, even inexpensive acts of kindness, can make all of the difference in a person’s life. Even something a simple as organizing a bathroom. #CaringMadeEasy

DSC_9743Helpful Tip: Downlooad the Digimarc Discovery App and scan your packaging anywhere to direct you to the Sam’s Club Caregivers website! This is such a convenient way of making the information you need readily available!

I would love to hear from you about not only your favorite Poise of Depends product, but what you have done to give back to our elders, or just how they have enriched your life! Comment Below!







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