A Celebration of Miss Allie!

Today my Mother and I threw little Miss Allie Mae ( my brother & sil’s  sweet little princess due in Aug. ) a little party and I think it turned out super swell…so I thought I would share a few of the photo’s with all of you all!


This is one of the center pieces I made for the special day 🙂

The clothesline for a few of her MANY MANY outfits!

Doesn’t this cake look absolutely fantastic?!?

Yummy white chocolate covered strawberries! ( my daughter literally ate half of these : P )

Here we are still setting up, but this is such a yummy side view!

Very yummy food! ( the color of the beverage containers provided by the location set my ocd off a little, however. )

About to pop! Popcorn 🙂

More Princess worthy treats!

I think everything turned out super fantastically,  Miss Allie got so many lovely gifts and everyone had a super fantastic time ( other than it being like a billion degrees in there! )

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