About Homemaking Heather

I am a 33 year old , mother of 3, who loves to take photos of everything, cook, bake, craft, read and share my thoughts on things–which is probably why I have a blog!   I have been blogging a little over a year, though only really started taking it seriously as of late, but consider it my full time job and have so many exciting plans for the future!

I  enjoy collecting all sorts of things, including Vintage Pyrex dishes, Vintage Holiday decor and soo many other thing.  and would love nothing more than to take you all along on my hunt through photos and hauls!

We love animals and natural living and are slowly but surely building a house out in the middle of the woods in hopes of having a farm full of animals and simplifying our lives a bit. While we wait, we are raising city chickens, planting a HUGE garden and doing a lot of dreaming.

I am currently on a health journey to try and heal my sick diabetic body and truly enjoy and look forward to sharing recipes that our family loves. I also plan on sharing my journey in my quest to heal my rosacea and tell you what what works and what doesn’t.

I hope you will follow us on our journey and find our posts beneficial, if not mildly entertaining. 🙂


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