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As a lot of you probably already know, I love Baltic amber! I have used a sweet little amber necklace on my son for quite a while now to combat his horrible teething symptoms, and it has worked…so I wondered, would it work for me? Would it help me feel better, get rid of my terrible headaches?  Would the beautiful necklace sent to me by Amber Artisans work help? First let’s look at what Baltic amber is…

“So what is Baltic amber, really? It’s actually one of the most amazing antiques ever discovered. Alive, breathing and interacting with your environment, this gem dates back 40-60 million years ago. It’s composition is polymerized fossil resin, the remnants of tree sap from an unknown variety of giant trees reminiscent of the Sequoia variety, that once grew in huge forests that covered Northern Europe. Scientists believe that an intense climate change which occurred during that time period millions of years ago caused the trees to shed copies amounts of this resin in order to protect themselves just as trees in our time “weep” resin to heal places where branches have become infected or removed.

From a chemical point of view, amber consists of 79 percent carbon, 10.5 percent hydrogen and 10.5 percent oxygen. Studies with a mass spectrometer have shown that amber contains over 40 compounds as well as succinic acids and additive salts of potassium, sodium and iron. Amber extends over three groups of compounds: volatile terpenes and sesquiterpenes, soluble, organic acids and also non-soluble polyether. It ranges from bright yellow to dark yellow or brownish-orange, depending on its age and where it is found, in seldom cases it is either red or blue. Only a small quantity of amber is clear, because of the effects of the sun, most of it is opaque. It takes an electrical charge when it is rubbed and develops a pleasant resinous smell when it is burnt. Learned scholars and scientists disagreed with each other for a long time about the origin and properties of amber. The history of its origin was only clearly researched in the 19th century. Enclosures, such as water bubbles, gas bubbles, pieces of bark, twigs, plant seeds and even insects and small animals unmistakably show its origin and give it its characteristic appearance.fossil resin

Man’s interest in amber’s secret properties date back to the Paleolithic Age. The exceptional smell of amber burning and the beauty of the nuggets washed up on the shores of the Baltic Sea. Over time, our interests have proven well founded in that the properties of Baltic amber are very beneficial to humans. Amber warms to the touch and exudes a nice, relaxing fragrance in the palm of your hand. It is also the only fossil resin that contains 3-8% succinic acid (mostly located in the amber’s surface layer), a powerful therapeutic substance with many applications for healing. Plants absorbed the amber resin and plant leavers were often used as an antibiotic to heal cuts and or in a plaster to dress wounds.

There are also a number of other fascinating facts about natural Baltic Amber.

*Baltic amber is used as an ingredient in perfumes, as a healing agent in folk medicine, and as jewelry.

*When amber is touched with fire, it produces an aroma of burning pine.

*Because of the small insects who could have been trapped inside, amber has helped paleontologists to reconstruct life on earth in its primal phases, and more than 1,000 extinct species of insects have been identified this way.

Also, amber electrifies negatively and it is still alive because its internal metamorphosis is still incomplete.” ( Source: )
Image and video hosting by TinyPicRaw amber healing necklace made from the highest quality raw cognac Baltic amber beads, by Lithuanian amber artisans.

Length: approx. 18 inches (46 cm.) long.

Each bead is 100% Baltic amber and varies in size, color, shape and thus the length of the necklace varies slightly as well. Designed with the completely natural look.

The necklace fastens with a screw clasp that opens and closes easily and naturally. The string in each of our amber healing necklaces is knotted by hand in betweeneach and every bead.

When I received my necklace I put it on straight away and didn’t take it off for over a month! I can happily report for me wearing my necklace I have felt more energized and have experienced less headaches…I then took the necklace off and didn’t wear it several weeks to see if I could notice a change, and I did! I no longer felt quite as well and I had headaches almost every day like before, as opposed to the 1 or 2 I was having while wearing my amber necklace.  I am a true believer in the healing powers of Baltic amber…while I do not think it is a miracle cure, or that it might work for every single person, I can say that it made a big enough difference in my life that I am going to continue to wear my necklace every day.

Amber Artisans offers so many amazing amber options for adults and children! They were super duper helpful in helping me select my perfect necklace/size! The communication was amazing and the shipping did not take nearly as long as I had anticipated it being, since the necklace was coming straight from Lithuania! It was packaged very securely and arrived in perfect condition! I couldn’t have asked for a better experience!  Not only will these beautiful pieces make a beautiful gift for yourself, but for Christmas gifts, Birthday gifts, and for baby shower gifts!

Image and video hosting by TinyPicWhy buy from Amber Artisans? Besides the reasons I stated above, check out this helpful info from the Amber Artisan website :

Amber artisans who comprise our design team and deliver workmanship that is second to none have inherited their talent from fathers and grandfathers and great grandfathers. They are equally expert in the strength of raw amber and the fragile nature of the cleaned, refined, shaped, and polished stone. Their knowledge and skill enable them to know the exact moment when the initial phases of taking raw amber through various, centuries-old, complex processes of refinement have been completed and the Baltic amber  is ready to be seated and enhanced as a timeless necklace or bracelet. These Baltic amber experts know that the silk cord which is used to create each statement of jewelry is among the finest in the world and will also stand the test of time. It is the only cord ever used. To ensure the endurance and longevity of their work, a knot is expertly tied in between each bead throughout the entire piece.

* For the convenience of our customers, we keep shopping at Amber Artisan a good experience and as simple as possible. 

* Being secure and comfortable in your purchasing and payment transactions is very important to online shoppers. That’s why we only use services of premier e-commerce providers.

* Our amber healing jewelry is handmade in our studio in Lithuania of original Baltic amber that is over 45 million years old.We use techniques that are centuries old and known only by our artisans to hand polish amber beads to perfection.

* We know Baltic Amber better than anyone – it’s been in our lives since we were born, part of our history, significant in our heritage, and a treasure we pass on generation after generation. We have intimate, personal knowledge and experience with amber and its amazing powers.

* We are the point of origin for all our amber products. We are not a reseller so there is no middle man who adds to the cost. We are very proud to bring the finest natural Baltic amber directly to you it at exceptionally low cost for pure natural amber.

* The quality of our designs is second to none because every necklace is hand-crafted by Natural Baltic Amber specialists who have generations of experience in polishing and softly rounding every Baltic Amber bead until it reaches ultimate perfection.

* No minimum order amount.

* No need to register to place order.

* We ship promptly, every day excluding weekends and holidays.

* Professionally packaged for safe international shipment.

* Amber Artisans is dedicated to providing our customers with the best service possible! We are deeply concerned about our mission in offering the best care and we are very conscious of our customers and their experience in working with us. Quality is our #1 priority as is exceptional customer service. And that’s exactly what we deliver.

* Our customer is always right!

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Check out this beautiful amber ring! I adore it and my daughter does as well! We have taken turns wearing it 🙂

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Lovely raw amber nuggets! Aren’t they beautiful??

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