Augie B’s First Birthday Party!

My sweet little boy August Bernard will be turning 1 on the 14th and we partied Busy Town/Richard Scarry style this last weekend in celebration of my fantastic miracle baby 🙂

Getting a little personal, for those of you who don’t personally know me, I gave birth to a son named Henry in August of 2012 who was stillborn. As you can imagine my heart was absolutely broken, my world crumbled, I wasn’t sure how I was going to get through the day, let alone the rest of my life…and while there is absolutely no replacing my Henry Harper, when I found out I was pregnant once again several months later my heart was oh so happy…I cannot even describe!  I am diabetic and have several medical issues that made pregnancy quite difficult ( and scary ) for me…but I did my best to stay healthy and take care of myself and my sweet little baby…on August 14th 2013 , my rainbow baby Augie was born! He was a super healthy little guy and filled my whole entire world with so much light and happiness! I love every single one of my children 100 percent equally, each one of them holding different special places in my heart, and this little guy is my miracle! I am so thankful everyday that I get to look into his sweet little eyes and see love every single day.

Here are a few photo’s from his special day highlighting the fun, the diy, the frugal, and even the Monster Munch House Party we combined to make this day awesome!

Here is little Augie’s personal little smash cake 😀 It was free from our local grocery store! On each of our child’s birthdays they send us a coupon for a free small cake and a carton of ice cream. The Lowly worm candle holder is vintage, and was purchase on Ebay by my mother. I think this is something special he can hang on to for the rest of his life.

This one is pretty self explanatory. Little Augie B. in his Busy Town T-shirt, purchased from Birthday Express for only 1.99 ( I purchased another in a bigger size as well! )

This is a photo of the snack table! I used my vintage Pyrex to hold most of the snacks ( which were free from Newman’s Own Organics as part of a review! ) The green stuff is sour apple Kool Aid ( not healthy, but it’s delicious! ) The big adorable straws are held in a mason jar that I decoupaged and added a ribbon. I purchased the red buckets ( which will now be used in his room ) from the Dollar Tree, and my Daughter Leelah helped by cutting label sized bits out of torn up Richard Scarry books and pasting them on the bottles! I think she did a fantastic job!

This is a cardboard letter I purchased from the craft section at Walmart and covered with an old Richard Scarry book page.


Here is a party version of Lowly Worm’s hat that I made from felt. I didn’t use an actual pattern, just a party hat we had for the party…it ended up looking a little small on Augie’s rather large head 😉 This is another piece that I hope he can keep and cherish.

Here is a photo of his larger cake ( it got messed up on the side 🙁 ) I used old Richard Scarry toys from kids meals back in the 90’s. Worked well I think 🙂

Not the best photograph, but here is the table with prizes and games.

The kids table! ( supposed to look like a highway ) The backs of the placemats had coloring bits and games!

I printed out this little monkey guy and attached him to a tooth pick.

The other cake which was also messed up 🙁 I scanned and printed these little pieces and cut them out.


The Apple Car cutout I made for a photo prop! Thanks for the cardboard, Dannielle 🙂

Augie getting ready to make his wish 😉 I wonder what it was ?

The Monster Munch corner! ( tons more pics to come on this in it’s own post! )

This party may not have been the fanciest, but I think it turned out super duper cute, everyone had a fantastic time, and I didn’t spend almost anything on it! ( which you know I love! ) But most of all it was a great day for one of the most special guys in my life.

2 thoughts on “Augie B’s First Birthday Party!”

  • It was VERY super duper cute! Again your creativeness amazes me. Are you sure you’re my daughter? We had a great time and enjoyed celebrating our special Augie’s 1st birthday!

  • I think the party was a success! The kids had a great time and everything looked great! I cant believe little Augie is almost 1! Such a sweet lil guy to share a birthday with! 🙂

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