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Bart’s Cookies, Labeled the Worlds Best Cookie was kind enough to send me a box of cookies to try out…so let’s get into it!

When I first opened my box of Bart’s cookies, I was super surprised to see the little B-Bites that awaited me ( I also sampled two B-Mos!) I have never in my life seen a cookie shaped in this manner! Adorable! But cookies aren’t really judged by their cuteness, now are they? Sooo I decided it was time to test those babies out  ( I couldn’t wait any longer, I had been dreaming about those cookies from the minute Bart told me he would be sending them! ) I ran to the fridge, poured a glass of milk and hid in a closet so that my kids couldn’t find me! ( ok, kidding…I did share a little 😉 ) I dunked my cookie and took a bite…holy Heaven those suckers are GOOD. They are thick, the perfect consistency —not too chewy, and not crispy…perfect ( for me anyway! I know certain people have strict ideas of how a cookie should be..Mom…cough) I absolutely love the big milk chocolate pieces in the Milk Chocolate variety, so delicious, I much prefer them to the semi sweet ( ew ), I also adored the White Chocolate with Macadamia Nuts! Sooooo delicious! I am a sucker for white chocolate, AND macadamia nuts, so these were the perfect combination added into Bart’s super amazing cookie dough! ( mmm I am now imagining what it would be like to be able to taste those suckers raw?!? Omgosh…) I’m a fan, can you tell??? These cookies were absolutely delicious, and anything that is that good and can be delivered straight to your door is absolute perfection in my book! Yum Yum!

Bart’s offers several different varieties of scrumptious cookies :

Milk Chocolate Chip Cookies
Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies
Milk+Dark Combo Chocolate Chip Cookies
Peanut Butter+Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies
White Chocolate Chip Cookies W/ Macadamia Nuts

They are also available in Gluten Free! ( how awesome is that?! ) And size wise they are available in the smaller B-Bites and the larger B-Mo’s! : ( I have both pictured below )

Because the cookies are shipped the make EXCELLENT gifts for literally anyone in your life! Who doesn’t love cookies?!!

Here is a link of the Awesome Bart showing you his fabulous cookies and explaining a few things !

If you want to browse the website and check out what goodies and info they have to order you can do it here : and there is also tons of fun going on here




Bart’s Cookies has been generous enough to offer one dozen cookies ( your choice! ) to one lucky reader! What I need you to do is visit and check out the amazing cookies that Bart has to offer and let me know which one you would like to try, then head over to and tell Bart that Homemaking Heather sent you! For additional entries refer a new reader here or my facebook page and have them tell me you sent them! No limit to how many friends you can refer for extra entries! Must be 18 or older and US residents only. Contest begins on 7/29/2014 and ends 8/5/2014 11:59pm central time.



My overall opinion for those still reading beyond contest details 😉 is that Bart’s Cookies are to die for and I am extremely depressed that I am out 😉 The customer service is fantastic, and the website is SUPER informative and helpful.  Thanks, Bart for the opportunity to taste the world’s best cookies!

I was sent these wonderful cookies to try, and these opinions are 100 percent my own!



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