Bellapulse Review, A Homemaking Heather 2014 Gift Guide Pick!

With a gentle, pulsating brush, Bellapulse loosens and removes makeup and dirt from deep within pores so that your face feels and looks cleaner than it ever has before. And remember clean skin is able to go through the natural exfoliation process and repair itself much easier.

The end result?

Your face begins to look younger, fresher, more radiant and more beautiful.

The BellapulseĀ® Complete Facial Cleansing System consists of 4 Unique Brushes and a Advanced Pulsar Technology Powered Microdermabrasion Wand + the 60-day 3 Piece Exfoliating Cleanser Set for only $39.99 here on for a Limited Time.

There has never been a FASTER, EASIER, LESS ABRASIVE way to get a thorough spa quality facial cleansing that can REDUCE THE SIGNS OF AGING and restore a healthy glow to your skin.

The Complete System Includes:

Bellapulse Wand: The handle that attaches to the accessories
Bellapulse Exfoliating Brush: A ‘hard’ brush that exfoliates the skin
Bellapulse Cleansing Brush: A routine skin cleansing brush
Bellapulse Massaging Sponge: Massages moisturizer into the skin
Bellapulse Massaging Applicator: Relaxes facial tension and increases circulation
Bellapulse Storage Cradle: A convenient stand to place the wand in after each use

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