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I absolutely loooove hummingbirds! I think they are so fantastically beautiful and almost a bit magical, so you can imagine how devastated I was when my old hummingbird feeder ( nowhere near as beautiful or nice as this one ) was smashed and broken in storage over the winter…so when I received this beauty from Best Home Products, I was ecstatic! It is so beautiful and appealing, I knew I would be attracting tons of hummingbirds to our yard! And boy was I right! We have had the most hummingbirds since receiving this feeder…it’s been such a treat! My kids think they are amazing and have enjoyed sitting on the bench waiting for them to come for a snack! I love the hand blown glass with the flecks of gold–it’s almost like a piece of functional art! Beautiful!

Hummingbird Feeders

The smallest of birds, the greatest of joys! Attract hummingbirds to your yard, garden, or deck to catch a glimpse of nature’s most beautiful creatures. Designed to attract hummingbirds using multi-colored blown glass material to lure them to the nectar which allows you discover the majestic beauty of the elusive hummingbird.


  • Designed of hand-blown glass
  • Easy-to-fill wide-mouth bottle
  • Displays on flat surfaces or hangs with “S” hook
  • Features 4 hummingbird feeding ports
  • Encourages hummingbirds to land for feeding on integrated porch
  • Holds up to 4 cups of nectar (sugar water)


  • Do not to temperatures below 30F°
  • Do not fill with liquid water hotter than 120F°

Hummingbird Feeders are designed to attract the elusive hummingbird into your own backyard. Its attractive multicolored blown-glass design along with its eye-catching design is sure to make birds flock into your backyard. A special type of hanger “S” hook is also included to allow you to hang it on your porch.

Next I received a three piece cutting board set! This has came in soooo handy in our home, as by some weird coincidence our old one sort of pooped out! They are very sturdy and nice, they have a completely non-slip surface and a groove to catch all of the juice, which prevents the huge mess I was making with my old wooden board. I have used these so many times in the short time I have had them, and also put them through the dishwasher…and they have held up beautifully! I anticipate these lasting for years and years to come, though if they do not, they have a lifetime warranty and you cannot beat that!  🙂

Great for slicing meats, chopping vegetables, cutting fruit and more, these cutting boards feature non-slip edges to hold the boards securely in place while in use.

– Durable polypropylene board is non-porous and odor resistant; maintains knife edges and resists scratching
– Available in three useful sizes
– Damage & Heat Resistant to 212°F
– Juice-Collecting grooves keep your counters clean and retain liquids for use
– Soft sure grip edges that grip the counter and grip handles so they won’t move during cutting
– Damage Resistant & Dishwasher Safe
– Double-sided use keeps ingredients separate and helps prevent cross contamination
– Exceptional customer service
– A brand you can trust!
– 100% Money Back Guarantee

A non porous plastic cutting board is safe and easy to clean. While many wood boards are porous and difficult to clean because the food material will tend to soak into the board and collect odors. Additionally, many wood boards will splinter, crack or warp when exposed to hot water.

We are so confident that you will absolutely LOVE the Best Home Products cutting boards that we provide a lifetime, no questions asked 100% guarantee.

Check out this list on cutting board and food safety :

They also offer a discount program, which I think is super neat! I loooove saving money as you all know!

Check them out for more info about all of the other various products that they offer : &

I was sent these products to review at no cost to me, however, these opinions are 100 percent my own!




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