Blue Apron to the Rescue!

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Though I have tried several meal-delivery style sub. boxes, I have always been intrigued by the famous Blue Apron! I have heard nothing but spectacular things Blue Apron, who is on their way to becoming a household name! Even my Grandmother, who has no access to the internet has heard of Blue Apron! I was quite shocked!

Blue Apron apron brings you amazingly fresh ingredients and easy to follow step-by-step ingredients–two things that appeal to me greatly! These seasonal inspired¬†meals offer gourmet meals to even the novice cook (me!), giving you not only delicious home cooked meals, but convenience and customization that has helped them gain their ever growing popularity.



When my box arrived, I was unfortunately VERY sick. I have health issues that often complicate my plans and throw my schedules off, not to mention making meal planning and cooking for my family sometimes difficult. At first, I was a bit upset…I had planned to thoroughly document my experience cooking with the ingredients in my box—and now, what was I going to do? I was barely able to hold myself up. Luckily for me, Blue Apron provided VERY detailed instructions that had everything very laid out and easy to navigate.

I was so thankful for the meals that arrived in my box–they were not only simple, but they were perfect for the way I was feeling! They were hearty/filling, but very comforting as well. I couldn’t have asked for anything more perfect.

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The Pork Tskune Ramen with Baby Bok Choy and Sweet Dumpling Squash was the first meal that I prepared from my box–and also my favorite. I have to be completely honest and admit that I left out the Sweet Dumpling Squash. My daughter has a food allergy in the same family and we do our best to simply avoid—though this dish was absolutely delish even without.

This was very simple to make–and never ever had I had ramen quite so good…honestly, I now feel a bit spoiled and am desperate to replicate. ūüėČ I was able to make this meal quickly, get good photographs and enjoy without feeling like I was going to fall over.


The next meal I ( or well, my husband ) ¬†prepared was the Tandoori Chicken and Brown Rice with Coconut-Tomato Sauce and Mint Yogurt. ¬†I was extremely sick at this point, so unfortunately I didn’t get any after photos on this one, but was I very happy to get a few before ingredient photos and show you how amazing everything looked and how truly fresh and beautiful.

This meal–according to my hubby, was extremely easy to prepare as well. He loved how they had the smaller pre-measured in bags labeled “knick knacks” and that the directions were so easy to follow, not to mention that the ingredients were so fresh and arrived in a box with still frozen ice packs!¬†
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This meal was hearty, delicious and very different from our norm–which made me love it even more. My kids weren’t the biggest fans—but that just meant more for the husband and I and some left-overs for the next day, because let me tell you, the portion sizes are pretty darn great. We are big eaters and we were quite satisfied with our servings.

Overall I was extremely happy with both of our meals–even if I wasn’t able to get as involved as I would have liked and can definitely say that these boxes are fantastic for people who love gourmet food, but may not have time ( or the health/willpower ) to get to the grocery store and try to come up with all the ingredients as well as do all the measuring and prep work that goes along with such tasty meals.

I was so pleased with our experience from the beginning to end and seriously fell in love and truly understand the hype that surrounds Blue Apron.

Interested in trying Blue Apron out for yourself? The people at Blue Apron have graciously offered 50 of my readers 2 free meals with their first Blue Apron box. Simply click here to get started! I truly hope you enjoy, I know we did!

Finish & serve your dish:

Shipping nation wide, you are given the choice of two different plans, the 2 person plan, which  includes 3 meals each week for $9.99/meal and the family plan with the option of 2 or 4 meals per week ( 4 servings each ) , and costs $8.74/meal. 

( This image is property of Blue Apron and you can find it here. )

I was sent this fabulous box of deliciousness for the purpose of review. I have provided my honest and unbiased account of my experience here.


4 thoughts on “Blue Apron to the Rescue!”

  • Blue Apron sounds awesome! All laid out and simple, that work for me. I love to cook but sometimes I’m under the weather with health problems too and this would be like someone cooking for me…well almost, and that would be great! The food looks and sounds awesome too. Thanks for the post and honest review.

    • It really is fantastic! And you are very welcome, I am glad to share my experience! It really was so much easier than all the planning, shopping and portioning everything out—especially when you have health problems! Thank you for reading!

  • That does look amazing! I tried another box subscription and it was good but not all meals were to our liking. May have to check into this one! Thanks! =)

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