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I was sent this adorable pair of earrings to review from Bullet Designs…this particular pair is called 357 Magnum Bullet Stud Earrings and I think they are absolutely adorable, as well as I can totally get behind the whole idea of recycling fired bullets and turning them into amazing pieces of art/jewelry for women as well as men! The whole concept really impressed me as well as EVERYONE have I have shown them to!!

This is a little info taken from Bullet Designs website : Bullet Designs, LLC was established in the Spring of 2010. Integrity and trust is our foundation and we make every effort to earn the trust of each customer, supplier and employee as well.

In today’s marketplace, we strive to offer bold new products. It is our hope to offer a solution to the age old problem of what to buy for the sportsman (and sportswoman) who has everything with our innovative, practical and useful products. As often as possible we design environmentally friendly products.


Put God first in all that we do.
Provide high quality products.
Serve our customers humbly.
Care about the environment.
Provide a great place to work.
Build open and honest relationships.
Be adventurous and open minded.
Be innovative, flexible and forward thinking.

Now here is the part where I am completely honest ( not that I wasn’t before, but this part is hard for me to type ) …I really loved these earrings…did you catch that—I said “loved” 🙁 while these earrings are IMPECCABLY made, and some of the best quality jewelry I have found ( that is no lie ), sometimes bad things happen…one of them being a 4 year old who likes to mess with Mommy’s stuff! So basically this is a story of a toddler getting into Mommy’s things, dropping them in a random spot in the house, and sissy stomping through in her mud boots coming in from feeding the chickens, one of the post survived, one did not. 🙁 Why am I telling you this ? Because to prove my point that I really did love these earrings, I am going to confess that I cried…real boohoo tears over losing these earrings. They were pretty, they were “green”, and they were unique…basically all of my favorite things wrapped into one.

So in closing, these were great earrings…as well as they have other great fabulous earrings, TONS of other unique jewelry options and great customer service! If you have the chance you should definitely should check their website out http://www.bulletdesigns.com/index.php as well as their facebook, where they do really great contests from time to time! https://www.facebook.com/bulletdesigns

357 Magnum Bullet Stud Earrings WIN-357M-N-SEAR

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