Butterbean Sunscreen Review

Butterbean Sunscreen Review
Butterbean SunscreenI am writing because I have had the privilege of trying out Butterbean Sunscreen! I use an exclamation point because I am really excited about it! Yes..excited over sunscreen.

So if you wanna know why, and would like to win some for yourself keep reading till’ the end to find out the details for my super awesome Butterbean Giveaway!I would like to start out by saying that the issue of sunscreen in our house has been a real struggle. A struggle because I am freaked out by the ingredient lists I find on the back of some of the huge commercially produced sunscreens, freaked out because I keep running into articles telling me that the ingredients in the sunscreens I had been using on my kids were scarier than the sun itself…and then we struggle because, well, my kids hate it. They hate the sticky icky consistency, they hate how hard I have to rub to get it equally distributed on their skin, they hate it because it stinks…yes smells! My kids are quite sensitive to smells, and as most of you know a lot of sunscreens smell icky. My daughter has very sensitive skin and she has even at times complained that it made her skin hurt. So what’s a Mom to do? Search for something better. That’s what. And in comes Butterbean!

Butterbean Sunscreen sent me the Original SPF 20 and the Good Sun Sport Stick SPF 30 to try out! ( these opinions all MY own ).

Butterbean SunscreenWhen I first opened my box I my initial impression was how absolutely adorable their packaging is ! I love it! So delightfully cheerful!!  It’s also pretty compact and easy to stick in your diaper bag or purse ( even your pocket! ) for those times that you didn’t plan on being out in the sun…but hey wait! You have your handy dandy sport stick in your bag! I cannot count how many times I forgot to put my huge heavy icky bottle in my diaper bag and found myself in a pickle! Next I was impressed by the fact that when I opened both containers there was absolutely NO smell whatsoever! None at all I tells ya! So at this point I am this close to doing a jig  and then I get my kids ready to head out to our pool… I line them up and start the dreaded process…but wait! It isn’t sticky! It isn’t icky! It rubs on like a creamy dreamy moisturizer! A good one at that! No fussing! No kids squirming and complaining…seriously! It was nice! Hallelujah! But now on to the true test, will it hold up? Will it last long enough to protect my little sweeties fair skin?! After being out in the pool for what seems like an eternity I look the kids over…no pink! Hooray! But will there be one of those sneaky sunburns that creep up on you hours after you come in thinking you have escaped the suns evil death rays?! NO! And the angels sing  It worked! It was easy! It was safe! Sigh…now I can breathe out and enjoy what bit of summer I have left with my babies and not worry about them being covered in scary ick, or baking in the sun!

Here’s a little info from their website because they can say it better than I ever could!

There are Three Sunscreen options!

Original Butterbean:
Highest in nourishing Organic and Fair Trade Shea Butter and Coconut Oil
Consistency of a thicker cream
Second highest water-resistance
Love for faces and shoulders
Re-formulated in 2014 for a smoother and easier to rub in application
– See more at:http://www.butterbeansunscreen.com/sunscreen.html#sthash.dMLfW184.dpuf

Simple Sunscreen :
Easy to apply to large areas of the body like backs, bellies, legs…Rich in antioxidants from Carrot Seed and Meadowfoam Seed oilOrganic Coconut and Sunflower oil have a silky smooth application Less water-resistant than the other 3. Reapply more often when swimming/sweating – See more at:http://www.butterbeansunscreen.com/sunscreen.html#sthash.dMLfW184.dpuf

Good Sun Sport Stick :
Loaded with local beeswax, Organic Sunflower Seed, Coconut, and Apricot Kernel oils Highest SPF +30Most water/sweat resistant. Great for park days, soccer games, and beach days! Easy to stick in a back-pocket and rub over noses. Available in paper or plastic:) – See more at:http://www.butterbeansunscreen.com/sunscreen.html#sthash.dMLfW184.dpuf

Here is a quick checklist of how Butterbean sunscreen works:

•Mode of action: a barrier cream that scatters and reflects UV rays
•Contains non-nano zinc oxide
•Non-chemical sunblock
•Provides broad spectrum protection against UVA and UVB rays
•Contains all natural and organic and fair trade ingredients
•Water Resistant
•No added fragrance
•Good for everyone in the family
•Original Butterbean has a smooth whipped texture
•”Simple” Butterbean has a thin lotion consistency (shake well before use!)
•Simple Sunscreen is not a spray so there are no dangers associated with inhalation
– See more at:http://www.butterbeansunscreen.com/sunscreen.html#sthash.dMLfW184.dpuf

So now do you I have your attention? Are you getting excited like I was ? Maybe you want to do a little more reading for yourself, and I don’t blame you! I recommend you head on over to their website and do some more reading for yourself! http://www.butterbeansunscreen.com/ & while you’re at it, maybe you want to stop by their Facebook and say Hello! https://www.facebook.com/ButterbeanSunscreen/timeline or even read this article where they are voted #4 in their picks for the 10 safe sunscreens for the whole family this summer! http://www.treehugger.com/health/10-safe-sunscreens-whole-family-summer.html
So now for some exciting news..Butterbean has offered to give away a 3 oz. Original Butterbean sunscreen, and a .5oz Good Sun Sport Stick to one lucky reader! Yay!

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4 thoughts on “Butterbean Sunscreen Review”

  • I checked out Butterbean’s website and cannot find where they’ve had their products tested by an FDA sunscreen lab. Do you know if they have been? How are they claiming their SPF levels if not? I would like to try a new, all-natural product, but I’m concerned about untested SPF claims.

    Thanks for reviewing a new product!

    • Good question, although one which I cannot answer. I did try the products out, and they did work…we have used them for the last couple of weeks…but I will email them with this question, because to be honest I would like to know the answer as well. I will get back with you asap. Thank you for reading and for being smarter than me and questioning things! ( seriously, I am a little embarrassed that I didn’t think of that )

  • Thanks for responding, Heather. Don’t be embarrassed. They should have their lab results easily available. I only know from seeing Badger’s on their website.

    Thanks again. I look forward to following your blog.

    • Here is the info I got, Molly!
      Hello! Thank you for the question. Our SPF claim is based on the percentage of zinc oxide in our sunscreen. When we were first researching recipes and methods the general consensus is that 20% zinc oxide is roughly a 30 SPF. Our sunscreens contain 22-23% zinc depending which one you use. We make our sunscreens with a unique cooling and mixing process that ensures our zinc oxide is evenly dispersed throughout the sunscreen i.e. there is no zinc residue at the bottom of the bowl etc…This is one reason our sunscreen is unique. Our products have been recommended by and sold in pediatrician offices, health food stores, and high end children shops. All of this being said, I totally agree with 3rd party testing. As our company has grown tremendously this year we have SPF testing scheduled. We plan to have the results in about 6 weeks. Through research and consultation, we feel very confident in our product.

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