Chicken & Apple Harvest Grain Tortilla Boats & Easy #MealPrep With Suddenly Grain Salad and Enter to Win $35 PayPal Cash!

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How much do you juggle as a parent? Simplify family meals with Suddenly Grain Salad!

All it takes is 2-3+ boxes of Suddenly Grain Salad and create 3 totally different meals throughout the week – i.e. create a side salad with it one night, use it the next night as a sausage pepper skillet, and use the leftover sausage pepper skillet to make stuffed peppers the following night.

Read on to see how my family has incorporated Suddenly Grain Salad into our routine and how it is making school nights less stressful for everyone and how you can win $35 dollars PayPal cash!


After a recent trip to the grocery store, our family discovered the deliciosness that is Suddenly Grain Salad. As fans of the standard Suddenly Salad goodness, I was excited to see a new Suddenly Salad option. We picked up several boxes of the Harvest Grain and much to our delight, fell in love.

As a Mom of three kids, two of which are school aged and take their lunches each and every day, I am always on the lookout for food that my kids not only love but that make #MealPrep easy and quick! After eating our first box of the yummy Harvest Grain, I immediately began thinking of all of the different ways I could incorporate it into our routine and think of yummy options that would allow us to use our Suddenly Grain Salad for multiple delicious meals throughout the week!

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After thinking on all of the various tasty combinations and possibilities, I landed on trying out three different variations, A Chicken Apple Harvest Grain Tortilla Boat, Harvest Grain Wraps and using the Simply Grain Salad as a dip for delicious veggie crisps.

Our overall favorite was the Chicken Apple Boats, which are super simple to make and can be packed deconstructed in #MealPrep boxes and put in my children’s lunchboxes.


To make the super simple Chicken Apple Tortilla Boats, simply follow the instructions on your Simply Grain Salad box (cold style), then add chopped up apple and shredded chicken–the amounts are totally up to you and your tastes for each, though I used one small apple and one cup shredded chicken per box. After that I packed the mixture in a #MealPrep box with compartments, I added tortilla boats and a spoon for easy construction during their school lunch break.

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All three meals were a hit and were able to be made with the two boxes I originally prepared! Talk about an easy #MealPrep! Not only are my kids getting fun, yummy meals, but Mom is saving time, money and brainpower by not having to come up with multiple meals with tons of ingredients! #SuddenlySalad has saved the day and made meal time so much easier as well as delicious! Interested in trying a box?? Click here for your $.75 cent off coupon!!


Want more info?
• 4 Servings per container (Buy 2 or more to increase the batch size)
• Served Cold (Tuscan & Southwest taste just as good warm or cold)
• 4g Protein
• Stir-In Ideas and One Recipe included on pack
• Allergens: Contains Wheat & Soy, May contain nuts




Enter to wish $35 PayPal Cash!

#MealPrep With Suddenly Grain Salad Win $35 PayPal Cash!

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