Create A Welcome to the Tween Years Kit with Bioré Deep Cleansing Pore Strips!

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Being a “tween” is confusing. So many emotional changes, bodily changes and the newly acquired body care routines that go along with them. Being the Mother of a Tween girl can be fairly confusing as well, believe me. Helping my daughter begin the transition to womanhood has been one of the scariest ( just being honest! ) events of recent history. Not only the emotional aspect, but helping her adjust to her newly developed set of responsibilities that come along with the rapid development, has also been a little bit of a struggle as well. She is scared, resistant and honestly, really confused. To make things a bit less scary, a little less complicated and a whole lot more fun, I came up with a fun idea to introduce her to all of the essential (yet possibly daunting) new products into her life, a “Welcome to the Tween Years” body product kit! DSC_2916-3

In her kit I included :

  1. Limited Edition Bioré  Deep Cleansing Pore Strips, with awesome zebra stripes, available exclusively at Walmart.
  2. Raspberry scented shaving cream! I wrapped the bottle in an adorable zebra tape!
  3. A super cute pink, zebra striped hand-held mirror.
  4. Pads, sized and designed especially for younger girls.

I also included a zebra shower cap, an adjustable spa headband, two pink razors with zebra tape wrapped around the handle, a deodorant wrapped in zebra tape and a body wash pouf in her favorite color. I stored all of these items in a plastic container ( which I thought could easily be stored as well as cleaned )  that I wrapped the zebra tape around for added effect.


This kit theme was inspired by the Bioré Cleansing Strips that I purchased in the Zebra stripe print ( though also available in leopard print! ). The fun colors and print definitely made all of the more grown up essentials seem a little less intimidating and maybe even a little fun! She was delighted when I presented her with her little kit and couldn’t wait to try out all of her new products! We decided to give the Bioré Cleansing Strips the first test, these are definitely the simplest and least scary…and honestly, the most fun! ( Who doesn’t love checking out the strip once you’ve pulled it off?! )


Easily decorate your kit supplies and container with your favorite tape!


wally world

These Bioré Cleansing Strips  are available for purchase exclusively @ Walmart!  #FiercelyCleanPores

My beautiful daughter Leelah, decided to share her step-by-step process of applying and removing her new Bioré Cleansing Strips ! She had a blast applying and removing the strips, and was amazed with her results!

First off, you will remove your strip packet from the box, then remove the strip from the pouch. Once you have the strip out of the pouch, you will give it a little twist to loosen and separate the slits before using.

Next you are going to wash your face using your normal face washing routine, because of her sensitive skin, Leelah’ s routine is fairly simple.  Next…

tut2After wetting your nose, remember to dry your hands. Then…

Once your strip is on and you have smoothed down the sides completely, wait 10-15 until the strip is stiff to the touch.



Have fun while you’re waiting! Sing a song, look at yourself in the mirror, even inspect your new goodies a little more…then slowly and carefully REMOVE by starting at the edges and pulling towards the center. Then…


Check out all of the grossies you removed from your nose! ( the best part…well other than smooth unclogged skin! )


Taming your wildest pores has never been easier with these adorable Bioré Cleansing Strips! Available exclusively at Walmart they make a great addition to your “Welcome to the Tween Years” kit, or your very own skin care regime. They made a drastic difference on mine and my daughter’s noses and cheeks and are a welcomes addition into the new routine!  #FiercelyCleanPores

Now, tell me, do you have a tween at home that you would love to shop for supplies to make your very own kit for? And which print would you or your daughter choose?





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