Dial Miracle Oil Infused with Marula Oil Review/Giveaway

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Let me just start this post out by saying, I am a HUGE fan of Marula oil! I use it on my very dry face as well as on my hair, so when I had the opportunity to try out Dial’s New Miracle Oil- Marula Infused body wash I was VERY excited! I realized that everyone might not know about Marula Oil, so here is a bit of info :

What is Marula Oil? Marula oil is extracted from the kernels (nuts) of the Marula tree (Sclerocarya birrea), from the Anacardiaceae family.

The Marula Tree can be found in Africa, and is a favorite of humans and animals (especially elephants!) alike! For many years residents of rural areas in Africa have been cracking into the marula fruit nut to extract the kernals, of which they make the fabulous Maruala Oil. Often referred to as the Miracle Oil of Africa, marula oil has so many uses it has quickly become known world wide and is now being used in commercial products here in the US.

The Dial Miracle Oil body wash is infused with the amazing marula oil making it a very luxurious skin softening miracle worker! It has a truly fantastic scent, a nice lather and leaves your skin feeling incredibly smooth!

I have been using Dial Miracle Oil for several weeks now, and absolutely love it! It’s gentle on my VERY sensitive skin, doesn’t leave me dry like other body washes I have used in the past, as well as leaves my skin with a very nice light fragrance. We have used Dial in my household for ages ( and in my parents house before that ), and it is so awesome to find another Dial product that we love!

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Fun Facts: “The astringent bark of the Marula tree has a range of medicinal uses, including as treatments for diarrhea , diabetes, fever and malaria. It also plays a prominent role in many traditional cultures in Southern Africa. Some believe that the sex of a child can be pre-determined by administering an infusion of the bark of a male or female tree to a pregnant woman. The Zulu and Tonga peoples both call Marula the β€˜marriage tree’, and a brew of the bark is administered as part of a cleansing ritual prior to marriage.”

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Enter for your chance to win one of two coupons for a free bottle of your own Dial Miracle Oil! Please be 18 or older and a resident of the US. Comment on this post and let me know what posts you hope to see from Homemaking Heather in the future or which Dial product you love the most…or both! πŸ˜‰ This contest is open from 3/18/2015 and ends on 4/1/2015! I will also give bonus points for being a fan of my FB page and sharing my Facebook contest post on Facebook and or visiting the Dial Facebook page–let me know that you have followed these steps in your comment…I will verify.

I was sent this product in exchange for my honest review. These thoughts and opinions are 100 percent my own.

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