Double Trouble S’Mores Bars #bestcerealever



As a homeschooling Momma, I am always looking for fun out of the box ideas to get my kids excited to learn at home. My 4 year old has recently began his homeschooling career as a preschooler this back to school season, and I have worked especially hard to come up with creative ways to ease him into the schooling experience.

Since this little guy is absolutely in love with the outdoors and camping, every afternoon, we get out the sleeping mat, a pillow a few books and some treats, and have a little “camping” fun. He lays in the sun, “reading” and enjoying his treats.

Recently I discovered Honey Maid Smores cereal at my local Hyvee. My kids have all enjoyed having a bowl at breakfast time the last few weeks, and unanimously decided that it would make an amazing cereal bar, during their breakfast chitter chatter. This gave me an idea! What a perfect afternoon “camping” snack! What’s better on a camping trip, that some s’mores?!

We decided, that since we would use marshmallow to hold the cereal together, it would be super fun and appropriate to drizzle the bars with some milk chocolate as well, to complete the full s’mores experience!

The instructions are basic, and can be easily adjusted depending on the amount of cereal you are using. We created our very own recipe as a family, and here is what worked best for us:
6 Cups Honey Made Smore Cereal
4 tablespoons Butter
7.5 Ounces Of Marshamallow Cream
Milk Chocolate Chips

Slowly heat your Marshmallow Cream and Butter together on the stove top. We mixed as we heated, so that nothing would burn or stick.

Once our mixture was heated, we added it to our bowl of Honey Maid Smore cereal, and combined, so that it coated all of the cereal equally.

Next, we put our mixture into a silicone muffin pan. You can create traditional bars, or use mold. We chose silicone, so that it would pop out easily, and wouldn’t stick.

After allowing it to set up/harden, we melted our chocolate chips ( amount is up to you, and the amount of bars you have chosen to create ) in the microwave in 35 second increments, stirring in between heatings, until our chips were melted.

We then drizzled our chocolate on top of each bar, and topped with three little marshmallows from our left over creal.

Once our chocolate hardened, we sampled our work!

Not only did the kids–especially my littlest, love these S’more bars, but they had a great time creating a recipe, and following their very own instructions… and oh yeah…camping got a whole lot yummier ( without the mess of actual s’mores! ).

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