Edible Art with Eleni’s New York Color Me! Heart Cookies!




Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Eleni’s New York is offering a creative way to express your love with their Color Me! Hearts Gift Set! This set comes in a reusable tin that includes 12 hand iced cookies and 5 edible ink markers! These adorable cookies can last up to two months inside the tin and are absolute perfection.

These cookies are beautifully iced smooth and perfect for decorating! With 12 cookies that come in various sizes, these works of art are perfect for one sweetheart or many!


My kids had an absolute blast decorating these cookies! My 2 year old son, August was quite surprised that Mommy allowed him to use the marker to draw on his cookie and even more surprised when the cookie tasted good! Having never tried one of Eleni’s cookies myself, I was also pleasantly surprised with how yummy these cookies really! I think literally the only drawback to these cookies ( other than wanting to eat the whole tin of them ) is that they do temporarily leave your mouth and teeth a bit colorful. This issue to me, turned out to be a non-issue, as the color went away quickly and the delicious taste and adorable concept totally made up for it anyway…though you might not want to eat them on a first date or anything! 😉

These cookies are a total blast and my kids had so much fun eating and decorating them, that I am definitely considering picking up a few more gift sets and letting the kids decorate them for all of their Valentines a bit closer to Valentines Day ( because I don’t think they would last very long around here otherwise ).

When it comes to Eleni’s Color Me! cookies…we HEART them.


Don’t forget to check them out! You can find these yummy cookies and much more here! You can also visit them on Facebook as well as Twitter!


We received this adorable cookies in exchange for this honest review.


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