Eliquis, a great help for atrial fibrillation

Normal, healthy heart works in a regular, rhythmic speed which is about 50 to 100 beats perminute. Sometimes, this speed may increase to 150 to 170 during physical activity. When a person feels that his heart is skipping a beat or lagging, it instantly causes commotion and discomfort. Whatever may be the case, heart arrhythmias are numerous and they are not directly dangerous. However, person should not disregard them because in time, they can lead to various complications such as damage to heart as well as increased chance of suffering from stroke or heart attack.

Heart arrhythmias can be very complex and come in various forms. They can vary depending on individual’s cardiovascular system and overall heath. Not all arrhythmias are equally dangerous. When it comes to atrial fibrillation, it is the most common issues of this kind in clinical practice. It is type of disease that affects chambers of hearth; it can appear in a healthy person but also in people who are affected by some other diseases. When this disease affects healthy people it can persist within a body for years without showing any symptoms. On the other hand, people who have some other diseases besides atrial fibrillation, can have different complications and very soon. Around two percent of world population has this type of problem. Furthermore, number of affected people is constant increasing.

There are three main issues with this disease. First, symptoms of arrhythmia can be very annoying and disturb patient’s way of life. Second, if a person doesn’t treat this state it can damage his heart. When heart is working uncontrollably for a longer period of time, after a while, heart cavities and weakness of organ may appear. Last and the biggest issue is the increased risk of ischemic stroke. Data compiled by You! Drugstore shows us that every sixth person that suffered a stroke had atrial fibrillation as the main issue that led to it. In other words, thrombus can be formed within blood vessels of a diseased person. At one point, this clot will fall off and start flowing through bloodstream. In certain cases, it can reach one of the main brain arteries and clog it. This will stop the circulation and supply of oxygen to the brain. Stroke which is caused this way is usually very massive, it is hard to treat and it leaves long term neurological problems.

If the issue is timely diagnosed, we can perform necessary actions in order to control it. By using Eliquis, patient is able to prevent potential stroke. The drug is anticoagulant and it works by inhibiting blood clots from forming. Besides atrial fibrillation, it can also be used for deep vein thrombosis. This medicine is administered twice daily through nasogastric tube. People who have liver and kidney diseases, those who are above 80 as well as individuals who have less than 132, should consult with their doctor before using this medicine. Eliquis is regarded as fairly safe and it rarely causes any side effects.


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