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Hi, I’m Annette, Homemaking Heather’s Mom. Heather asked me to use and review “Elite Serum” from Skin Pro. Seeing that I was “old” and needed it under my eyes I thought why not? Then she tells me I have to take periodic pictures of my eyes with no makeup on! What?? No way! I tried to back out but she persisted and I caved. I would like to say a couple of things before showing the pictures though……I have been “lucky” enough to inherit from my Grandmother and Mother’s very droopy skinned eyelids as I have aged. Both had to have excess skin removed for vision reasons and I am well on my way towards that. I didn’t realize how bad they were until seeing these pictures! Secondly, the pictures of my eyes are not very good…have you ever tried to take a picture of your eyes close up and get them looking straight? Well I never did accomplish it. O.K. so enough of that mindless babble, let’s get to the good stuff. Skin Pro offers New Elite Serum that now features a 14 m. airless syringe, designed for precision dispensing. This new version also contains the highest concentration of scientifically designed and clinically tested skin care peptide found in any eye serum on the market. It looks like an actual syringe that you would get botox with but with no needle! Yay! I do want to throw this hint in, be very careful when dispensing, it will come out quite a bit and only a little bit is needed for both eyes. Skin Pro also describes that you will feel the difference from the very first drop. And you do! Elite Serum is now made with a patent pending cosmetic base consisting only of red and green seaweed extracts and pure hyaluronic acid. My before picture….OH MY GOSH…I look like I am a 100 year old hag! I have to admit I cried a little when I saw this.

On 2nd day of using serum….can you believe that? I couldn’t!!! I thought wow, I’m going to keep using this!

Day 4 more difference although not quite as dramatic as last time.

Day 6 a little more difference. I also am including a picture of me with eye makeup on for day 6. Makes me feel a “little” better about the others, lol.

In conclusion, I have a small confession to make. I am not a very good “follow thru” person. The directions stated to use twice a day, morning and evening. I did not use it at all in the evenings. I do have a legit reason….if I apply anything before bed I wake up the next day with a migraine headache. So I have never used anything. Now it suddenly dawned on me….duh….wash your face at 7 pm, use the serum and then maybe it won’t affect bedtime and morning. So I promise, I am going to begin doing that. I have to apologize to Skin Pro for not following the directions to the letter….but look at the results by just half doing it! I am going to look 10 years younger when I follow them correctly!!!! O.K. so that might be stretching it but I can definitely say I will continue using this product! Love it!
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End result ( as least to date…looking SO much better and feeling better as well! )

Hopefully you are inspired to check out Elite Serum Rx for yourself! You can find them at :  http://www.eliteserum.com/










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