Enviro-Log Fire Logs Review

We used the Enviro-Logs while camping, and unfortunately my photo’s from that evening turned out very blurred and smokey, so I will just be telling you my thoughts today! These logs are super neat! They are a very intersecting waxy cardboard material–my kids were amazed ūüėČ We lit the bag on fire and watched as this very neat environmentally friendly log burn! It put off tons of heat for my kiddies and myself, as well as made a very nice illuminating fire that we roasted our hotdogs on! The only complaint that I have is that it was a VERY slow burn…it took quite a long time to really get the fire going, however, once it did it lasted 3 hours plus! We had a really fantastic night around the campfire, singing songs, having a weenie roast and keeping warm! If you are concerned about the environment and ¬†want a cleaner burn, I would HIGHLY recommend checking these out!

You can find Enviro-Log on their website here and their Facebook here.

Known as the greenest and most versatile firelogs on the market, Enviro-Log Firelogs are the ultimate firewood substitute. Enviro-Log Firelogs are made from 100 percent recycled waxed cardboard and when compared to firewood, Enviro-Log Firelogs burn cleaner. Enviro-Log Firelogs emit:

  • 30 percent less greenhouse gases
  • 80 percent less carbon monoxide
  • 86 percent less creosote.

Enviro-Log Firelogs can also be stored and burned in all weather conditions and can be transported for camping, fishing, RVing, tailgating and other outdoor activities without the concern of restrictions imposed on firewood by some states and campsites. Enviro-Log Firelogs are also great for emergency preparedness because they have an infinite shelf life and are safe to cook over. They are also a popular choice for fire pits, wood stoves, chimineas, and campfires.

Enviro-Log Firelogs have been tested by OMNI Environmental Services, Inc. in five major areas including:  emissions; product application safety; performance; creosote accumulation; and physical and material properties.  OMNI is an independent third party products testing laboratory specializing in emissions, safety and performance testing of manufactured fuels.

They come in 5-pound and 3-pound sizes.
Made in the USA.  Each 5-pound firelog will burn up to 3 hours.
Each 3-pound firelog will burn up to 2 hours.    


Enviro-Log Earth Friendly Fire Logs

РEarth Friendly 
Р100% recycled product 
РTested Safe for Woodstoves 
РGreat for Chimineas 
РPerfect for camping 

РUse for Cookouts 
Р50% more heat/lb. than wood 
РBurns Cleaner Than Wood 
РMirrors Real Firewood 
РNo Petroleum Additives 
РStacks like Firewood 
РEasy to Light 
РNo Melting, Dripping or Sparking 
РLarge Flames 
РBurns up to 2.5 Hours 

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