Fall Favorites : Easy to Make, Grandma’s Ground Beef Stew!

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Nothing says fall to me like my Grandma’s super simple Ground beef stew, and even though it isn’t quite fall yet, I have been feeling in the mood for all things pumpkins, fall and savory foods…so I thought I would share this “recipe” with all of you after making up a batch of one of my favorite fall dishes!
As with most of my How To type posts, this is more of a suggestion based post than a recipe. As some of you may already know, I am not one for following directions and neither was my grandma, so I am just going to give you an idea of how I make my stew and maybe you can make some for yourself!

What I usually use ( though I switch it up depending on what I have on hand )

2 Lbs of Ground Beef, though any amount, more or less is fine!
2 Cans of green beans, fresh or canned work too ( this goes for all the veggies )
2 Cans Corn
1 Can Carrots ( you can def. add more, my kids just don’t like carrots too well )
1 Large Can Crushed Tomatoes
1 Large Can-or 2 small cans of diced OR Stewed tomatoes
1 Can Peas ( this one we leave out sometimes )
1 Can Pork & Beans…yep, you read that right!
Several Potatoes, or 1-2 canned potato, though I have been leaving the potato out recently
1-2 Packets of Onion Soup Mix ( this one is def. optional, though I like SOME type of onion in this stew)
1/2 Cup Of Sugar
Season Salt
Garlic Powder
Water Optional Depending on how thick or soupy you want your stew…at a certain point, it can become a soup, and that is fine…my husband likes to call it, Stew Soup. 🙂
This dish is SUPER DUPER easy and basically all I do to begin making my stew is to brown my ground beef in a skillet with my seasonings, I usually add more later as well…if you haven’t noticed, this is a very customizable recipe and you really cannot go wrong! Feel free to add as many or as little cans as you like and definitely play around with your ingredients!

After browning the ground beef I basically just dump all of the other ingredients in to a HUGE pot ( as well as the ground beef, obviously 😉 ) as well as sometimes I using the juice from my veggies, sometimes not. Again, this really just depends on what consistency you are going for…I do usually add the corn and the green bean juice from at least one can of each no matter what. After adding the ingredients and seasonings ( which are to taste ), I simmer…I really just let it simmer until it tastes perfect or we are ready to eat dinner. There is absolutely no right or wrong with this recipe and as long as your ground beef is cooked and the ingredients are completely warmed up ( and you didn’t use raw potatoes ) this dish can be ready very quickly, though I find it gets better the longer it is allowed to simmer.
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This recipe always makes quite a bit of stew and we ALWAYS have leftovers…which is amazing, because this dish is even better reheated! Yum Yum! I hope you enjoyed this “recipe”, even though it was more of suggestion 😉 and are able to make your own super delicious stew or stew soup!!

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