Farm Fresh Eggs…do I refrigerate?


I’ve been asked several times annnnd gotten super funny looks when I tell people that I do not refrigerate my eggs. When I say I do not refrigerate my eggs, I do NOT mean the ones from the grocery store…I if you did not know have an urban farm! 😀 We have 5 chickens, zillions of rabbits, and a front yard garden! My chickens lay 5 eggs/day and are suuuuuper delicious! But! I do NOT refrigerate them! I store them on my counter UNWASHED ( washing them will take away the protective coating and then they should be stored in the refrigerator ) As long as the spot you are storing them is somewhere around 65°F to 70°F they should be fine…for quite a long time actually. I feel comfortable storing them on my counter somewhere around a month for the ones that I use personally ( I do not let them sit that long for the ones that I sell…they are always super fresh!) and after a month I boil the ones that I have not yet eaten or transferred over…though lots of people let them sit even longer and say they just don’t cook up quite the same.

I absolutely love love love having backyard chickens, and when we are in the position to move outside of the city, I plan on having many many more, as well as a rooster! Eek! So I am wondering do any of you have backyard chickens, and if so how many does your city allow you to have? And if you are lucky enough to live out in the sticks, what is your chicken setup like, do you have a rooster? My husband and I sit around and dream of the day when we can more out onto a farm and raise all sorts of animals and completely be self sufficient…we’ve even played around with the idea that for the first year we will be completely self sufficient aside from what one might be able to buy from a general store the 1800’s…seriously 😉 make an experiment of it, and possibly blog my way through the year. My only concerns are that my children might have a difficult time adjusting, but I think we would all be better off ( and way healthier ) from the experience. What are your thoughts? Would any of you ever be willing to “live off the land” and abandon conventional grocery shopping and eating out ?

Let me know what you think! Am I a total nut?? 🙂



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