Farm Fresh Eggs, To Refrigerate or Not To Refrigerate!?


I’ve been asked several times in the few years since we brought our “girls” into our life if we refrigerate our eggs. It seems to be a hot debate between those who refuse to believe keeping your eggs on your counter is safe and those of us who do.

Through much research I learned that unwashed, farm fresh eggs are perfectly safe to store UN-refrigerated as long as your storage area is between 65°F to 70°. Though some of the old timers around will tell you that the range is much wider. Once you wash your eggs, it is better to store them inside of your refrigerator, but unwashed is perfectly safe. This is why it is NOT safe to store your store bought eggs outside of the fridge, as they are washed thoroughly before reaching the grocery store, removing the protective coating.

According to Hilary Thesmar, director of the American Egg Board’s Egg Safety Center: “The bottom line is shelf life. The shelf life for an unrefrigerated egg is 7 to 10 days and for refrigerated, it’s 30 to 45 days.”


In my opinion, there is absolutely no comparison to cooking/baking with farm fresh eggs, so if you are able, raising laying hens is a very rewarding opportunity for teaching little ones about responsibility. Our children absolutely love feeding and watering our girls and carrying their special little egg collecting bucket. Knowing that the eggs from our girls help make our breakfast, our cakes and tons of the goodies we indulge in, gives them such a kick and even a sense of accomplishment, because they know they were responsible for keeping our girls happy and healthy!


Stay tuned for an upcoming post on “how to” dye farm fresh eggs for Easter!

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3 thoughts on “Farm Fresh Eggs, To Refrigerate or Not To Refrigerate!?”

  • when I was little my grandma would collect eggs and sell at the store about every 4 days and they weren’t in the frig seems like she keep them in the smoke house which was a little cooler I guess

  • I also have ” The Girls” absolutely love going out and spending time in my yard and garden with them. Nothing beats fresh eggs daily and during those dismal periods aka molting season when I have to acquire store bought eggs the yolks of them looks terribly anemic in comparison. “Cheers to the working Girls”

    • There is definitely no comparison! I think we are going to be adding a few more girls this spring, and we couldn’t be more excited! 🙂 And I love that! “Cheers to the working Girls!”

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