Getting FarmHouse Fresh!

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Based in Texas, the whimsical and chic FarmHouse Fresh creates products that are 99.6% natural and naturally-derived ingredients. Everything they create is Paraben & Sulfate free and the fragrances are all natural or phthalate free. With many vegan and gluten free delicious treats for your body!

With packing that looks super sweet and scrumptious all on its own I couldn’t wait to get my hands on these super sweet travel sized Body Milks in 2.4 oz aluminum tubes!…and in the scents “Sweet Cream” Sweet Almond & Cream and “Fresh Melon” Cucumber & Melon you know immediately these are going to be fabulously sweet and decadent!

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When my package arrived, I was honestly blown away by the absolutely breathtaking packaging! The outer cardboard box is stunningly adorable while the tubes themselves are elegantly simple and sweet. I immediately opened my tubes to get my first whiffs, not even able to wait until I was completely in the door from getting the mail!

The Cucumber and Melon scent is like a breath of fresh delicious air! It is light and airy, yet yummy and sweet! The Sweet Almond and Cream ( my very favorite! ) is known you down delicious! It is a delectably fragrant sweet creamy cake scent that made my mouth water and left me longing for dessert!

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Now to the most important part! When applying these Body Milks I was immediately delighted by how silky, creamy and absolutely luxurious they made my skin feel! The texture of the Body Milks are super smooth and creamy and leave your skin rehydrated, feeling smooth and smelling like a bakery!

I am absolutely in love with these Body Milks and have fallen head over heals for FarmHouse Fresh and their line of out of this world amazingly fabulous line of products! When my Body Milk arrived in packaging that says things like “Our Cows Eat Fruit Cocktail.” & “Our Cows Eat Cookies” I knew that I was smitten from the get-go!

Please check them out!


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