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I don’t think I have really sat down and just typed up a random blog post in a long time, heck, for this actual location I am not sure that I have at all! So I thought I would just type out a few of my current ( and pretty much constant ) favorite things.

I love junk. I really really do. I love sifting and sorting through thrift stores, yard sales, dumpsters ( haha! ) etc. I love pieces of the past, especially. My husband complains quite frequently that I am a hoarder and that I need to downsize, when honestly, I would love nothing more than to get up right now and go pick up some more 😉 ( so maybe he’s right?!? ) I especially love things from the 1950’s…drool! My entire kitchen is entirely “retro” themed, and packed to the brim with little treasures I have picked up here and there…the only problem is that I can’t fit much more 🙁 but I would obviously love to keep trying ;)The other day I hit up two yard sales and found three items that are absolute gems in my mind! My favorite being the Little Honey Moon Doll by Ideal made in 1965 ( a Dick Tracy character), she is in perfect condition, and basically new just out of her box! I paid three dollars for her and am madly in love! As soon as I got home I ebay checked her, and as I figured she is worth a decent amount of money compared the the three that I spent, and though my husband and mother feel I should sell her, I am pretttttty sure I cannot 😉
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Isn’t she fantastic?!? Who could sell this thing!?! Not me. 😉
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I honest to Betsey have no idea how I could ever live happily without collecting…we all have our things I guess 🙂

Next favorite? FREE STUFF! Yep, that’s right…I am one of THOSE people. 😉 I love a good freebie, and will spend many an hour weekly on the internet signing up for freebies and good deals! It makes me all tingly and happy inside! ( Have you checked out my facebook page, I usually post my table full of weekly freebies! ) I guess the reason I love freebies so much goes back to my hoarding tendencies for one 😉 and for two, I am like crazy poor…I don’t say this in a feel sorry for me, I am throwing myself a pity party sort of way. I am ok with it. I have a really really good life, I get to stay home and homeschool my children, we have a great house, we have a little suburban farm, I have googobs of junk/treasures…and I dunno, I feel like we could use a little extra, but there is something about the struggle that keeps me going and motivated to seek out new ways of making our life better without having to spend money. But I digress… I also love great coupon deals, though I am not one of the crazy couponers from TV, though f I weren’t such an introvert and would probably have a panic attack, I might be ( nah, some of that seems too excessive and wasteful to me )…but for now I will stick with my little deals that make our life better! I swear, I won’t have to buy body products, feminine products, cosmetics, fever reducers, and tons of house hold items for years! ( ok, not literally, but for a while! )Though that doesn’t mean I don’t love trying out new ones! So much fun! ( hence my loving to review and blog about products I feel passionate about ) I got four boxes of fever reducer at Dollar Tree yesterday for free, and am over the moon about it!

Here is a list of the things that I am also currently obsessed with…

* Halloween


*Being crafty/creating things

*Homeschooling my kids ( and just my kids in general )

*Watching my one year old try new things

*Thrift Stores/ Yard Sales


*Farming ( someday on a larger scale )

*Living as naturally and as frugally as possible

* Big paper straws

*Glass jars/mason jars/old medicine jars

*Our rabbits

*and soooo many other things!

I kind of copped out and didn’t really make a big huge photo heavy list this go round as I had planned ( I am getting super sleeeeepy! ), but I did show you a few things I was excited about, and give you a list of all of the crazy things that I am currently digging. I am also considering posting a list of my actual favorite products at the end of the year…how does that sound ? I think it seems like a load of fun! Until then, let me know what else you would like to see? I thought about posting a photo of my kitchen,  one of my collections, or current craft projects ( which I finally have a chance to get back to, now that things have died down a bit ) I just don’t want to get into a review rut…don’t get me wrong, I love my reviews, they give me such satisfaction and purpose ( is that sad ? ), and I am currently trying to make them even better, and up the quality as much as I can, and grow even more as a review blogger ( I digress..again! ) But I want there to be other content as well..So let me know what you think 😀

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