February $1 Dollar Favorites!


I am a fan of a bargain. A big big fan. So obviously, I am Dollar store crazy! Madly in love with the Target Dollar Spot—or whatever they are calling now, and just nuts for hunting for super cute things that only cost me a dollar…or less!

I frequently am checking my local Dollar Tree and Dollar General for good deals and am often found in Target bargain hunting for best dollar deals I can find, so you better believe that I haul in the goods every single month. Though admittedly, most of my good deals are usually practical or edible, because, well, we are on a pretty tight budget, and even one dollar items add up.

Here I have rounded up all the cute things I have found in the last month—a few of them were at the end of January, but they are still being labeled February Favorites…you don’t mind, right?



My top cute finds at the Dollar Tree this month were : Paper doilies, a fantastic “How to Make Jewelry” book (seriously, a true DT gem), Cadbury Fingers, SAMY Hairspray, Purpose Grape Fruit ¬†foaming hand wash ( this is my FAVORITE scent…oh my goodness! ), an ELF Lip Lock Pencil, pastel sauce type cups , a magazine storage container thing ( I purchased two of these and they look great in my room!) and Sprinkle trimmed printer paper. A lot of these items are still available at DT, and I swear, they are fabulous!

I found the super duper cute Paris/Valetine’s Day stickers from Dollar General–they are really adorable, but the main attraction were the macarons! AHHH! I just had purchase two packs. ¬†I also purchased a SUPER cute trash can there as well, buuuuut, that was four dollars, unfortunately.

The adorable pencils, pastel green doilies, macaron erasers ( these were actually a gift, but they were a dollar ), paper straws and little gift tags are all from Target. I did purchase a few other things, but I already used them. I did also purchase a five dollar cake stand, but believe me, it was worth it!


I did have one last random item thrown in from my Shop-Miss-A haul ( the rest of my purchase went out as gifts ), and that was the neat little lipgloss you will see up at the top. It’s an ok lipgloss, but I have to admit, I like the tube better than the actual product!

I got soooo many great deals dollar shop rummaging this month, especially on bread and household supplies…those just aren’t as fun!DSC_0469

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