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My children have all loved dressing up, not just at Halloween, but all year long. They love dressing up as cowboys, doctors, clowns, their favorite movie characters, you name it! This has always been something that I have nurtured and encouraged through purchasing them costumes all throughout the year, building them a costume trunk for all of their outfits as well as playing out scenes straight from their imaginations as a family!

Imagination is a life long tool that is definitely encouraged by their costume experiences! Learning and growing through diving into their created worlds and play not only creates magical memories but teaches lifelong play!

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My kids and I absolutely love browsing for our next costume to add to our collection. Recently we added this amazingly detailed and realistic Baymax costume, from Big Hero 6  which you can see here. Our costume arrived quickly—something that’s important to my kids, as they are super anxious from the moment we order until the minute their package arrives, it is a very nice quality costume—sure to hold up to their their crazy rough all over the place play and VERY realistic! This is a costume that greatly resembles it’s inspiration!

My little guy was super impressed and has loved every minute spent in his costume and is already browsing Costume Express on his tablet planning our next addition! 🙂 I love that he is having fun and that we are all having fun as a family while growing our imaginations!


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