Guest Review, Shake the Crave! ( By Homemaking Heather’s Mommy! )

Shake the Crave - Vanilla and Chocolate

I was very happy when asked by Homemaking Heather to do another guest review. And very pleased when I found out what I would be reviewing. Today I am reviewing “Shake The Crave” shake mix made by Trusted Health Products, Inc. All through my years I have tried many shakes as meal replacements for dieting but to be honest I just couldn’t get myself to like any of them enough to stick with it. You know, they always had that certain taste that just didn’t remind me of any milkshake I’ve ever had! So when I started to prepare this I have to admit I was leery about how I was going to be able to drink the whole thing to give a honest review. Trusted Health Products provided me with two packages for two meal replacements. For breakfast I decided to try the chocolate. Because of course chocolate is my favorite flavor! All it takes is 8 oz. of your choice of whole, 2%, 1% or skim milk; almond milk or coconut milk. I am a skim milk drinker and so that’s what I used. I put the milk in my blender and then added the chocolate shake mix. On the shake mix package it gives very specific instructions on the blending. At first I thought that might be a little detailed for a drink but to be honest I was happy to have the exact instructions to tell me how to do it the correct way. For best results, blend for 20 seconds on low, then 3 seconds on high, let sit for 60 seconds, blend on low for 5 seconds and then immediately pour in glass. Let sit for 60 seconds so ingredients can re hydrate and then drink. Image and video hosting by TinyPicYes, I have to admit, I was counting, 1 Mississippi, 2 Mississippi for my seconds, haha. So beside making myself a delicious breakfast I had an early morning giggle to myself while doing it. After pouring it in the glass and letting it set the 60 seconds I took my first drink. Here again, sort of leery because of past experiences and to be honest I am a gagger. So I was prepared as I took my first drink. Oh my goodness!!! What a pleasant surprise! It tasted good! I continued to drink until I had finished the whole thing. Immediately after I had a full, satisfied feeling that I normally don’t get when just drinking a breakfast. And let me say there was no “vitaminy” smell or after taste and that is definitely a good thing. I was anxious for lunch time to roll around, no not because I was hungry because it really helps with making you feel full longer but because I was excited to try the vanilla. I got to thinking how I would like to add a few things to give it a little extra yumminess. So after pouring the milk into the blender and adding my vanilla power I used half of a frozen banana and 1/2 c. of frozen strawberries. I then proceeded to follow the directions, counting and giggling once again. With my frozen fruit I had to add a few seconds to the blending to get it mixed in well. As I poured the shake into my glass I realized I needed a bigger glass this time because of adding the fruit. So I used my big glass and it filled almost to the top. First drink impression….oh my goodness what yumminess! I had a very delicious smoothie that was so easy to make!Image and video hosting by TinyPic I loved having this for lunch!
What makes Shake the Crave so wonderful is because not only does it taste fantastic it is going to help me reach a “better me” health wise. By cutting out my high calorie breakfast and lunches I hope to see a few pounds dropping! I was pleased as I was reading the ingredients on the package that organic products are used. It is only 120 calories per serving (before milk) and 0.5g of fat!
I found this information on to help me understand more about their product. There are also health tips, cooking and eating tips and a multitude of other information:
Welcome to Shake the Crave – the lifestyle program designed “for a better you.” We are here to help you achieve your healthy lifestyle goals and overcome your struggles with dieting, exercise and nutrition.
Shake the Crave is a guilt-free lifestyle designed to help get you to a higher level of normal. We want you to experience a new level of life where you feel and look better. It’s actually easier than you think; you’re still going to be able to eat the ice cream and cake that you love, but just not as often. Just follow the information we have provided, read it over on a regular basis, and that way you will remember it as you continue to improve as you apply the Shake the Crave lifestyle.Image and video hosting by TinyPic
The products we have provided are designed to help you make a smooth transition. Remember, history has shown that diets don’t work, but better lifestyles do. Shake the Crave is a new and better lifestyle. As you read our information you will learn why diets have failed you in the past and how you can keep the excess weight off permanently. You will be surprised at some of the things you learn, and you will find them very helpful.
Shake the Crave can be a very rewarding experience in many different ways. Take advantage of our lifetime of experience and work. We wish you the very best and we look forward to helping and serving you.Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Feel good, feel more satisfied and feel full longer.
Boost your energy levels.
Thick and creamy – tastes like an old-fashioned, hand-dipped milk shake from a small-town creamery.
100% pure ingredients – contains nothing artificial
Needless to say I am very impressed with “Shake the Crave” shake mix and I will definitely be buying more! I’m already thinking about different fruits to add…oh the possibilities!

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