The Hectic Holiday Season Made Easier with



The Holiday season can be hectic…let’s face it, down right chaotic. I find myself not only doing my best to budget and shop for all of the gifts that I need, but running through constant lists of food items that I need to purchase, and household items that are essential to having a house full of relatives for what seems like two months straight!

We remember the gifts, we remember the food, but it cannot only be me that has turned red, because we have ran out of toilet paper in the middle of a celebration, or someone has spilled a drink all over the counter and asks for a paper towel, and oops! we are out!

This year, I am not only focusing on remembering absolutely everything, but I am determined to get everything done in the least time consuming way possible–this way I won’t be running around at the last minute, frantically trying to convince my husband to make a last minute trip for all of the many essentials that we have forgotten.

With Walmart having such a large selection of paper products, that are not only available in store, but through, there is no way I can go wrong. With a few clicks of my mouse, I can save myself a trip, and the hassle of lugging around bulky paper goods. Having my favorite Viva Paper Towels, or Scott Toilet Paper arrive within two days at my door-step, just made my every day life, and crazy holiday season a whole lot simpler!

Did I mention the fact that shopping at Walmart ( or ) saves me money?? With their every single day, low prices ( and some super good ibotta rebates out right now ) , I can save not only gas money, but even more green to go towards all of those must have Christmas gifts my children have been requesting for months! It’s a win all the way around!

*Breaths a sigh of relief* Thank you….you have saved my sanity and Christmas party from a crazy no toilet paper, ate too much Christmas ham fiasco!

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