#HGG Li’l Woodzeez for the Holidays!


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Find them at Target!


My 2 year old Son August and I are obsessed with Lil’ Woodzeez! Every time we see them in Target we absolutely swoon! These little critters and plays sets are absolutely adorable, whimsical and really have a classic old fashioned vibe to them–in my opinion.

When creating a Christmas Gift Guide for 2015, these Lil’ Woodeez were number one in my mind for my guide! They are so fun, they are quality toys that are sure to carry my Son through childhood ( and I am hoping then some! ) and they help build imagination through play…something that I absolutely love!

We received this Lil’ Woodeez Honey Suckle Schoolhouse,  which features: 1 Schoolhouse, 2 Characters and 1 Storybook! We absolutely adore this carry-a-long schoolhouse for not only it’s quality, but the colors are absolutely lovely and it is all so detailed and quite dreamy! With doors that can really open and a working tree swing, my little guy is sure to have a blast putting his imagination to work!

Next we received the Classroom & Playground set ( which goes perfectly with the Honey Suckle Schoolhouse ) this set features: 1 broom, 1 teacher’s gown and 1 teacher’s hat, 1 teacher’s podium, 1 slide, 2 student desks, 1 apple, 1 ball, 1 dust pan, 1 blackboard, 1 see-saw, 2 stools, 1 bell, 2 lunchboxes, 1 open book, 1 abacus, 1 stack of books.

As you can imagine there is LOADS of fun to be had with this set! We took our pieces and set them up inside of the Honey Suckle Schoolhouse and had a ball! We took our little mouse friends, dressed them up and played out so many fun classroom/school scenarios and activities! This is the perfect addition to your Honey Suckle Schoolhouse and I highly recommend it!


Last, but of course not least. is The WhoosWhoo Owl Family with Storybook set! This set features: A family of 4 characters: father Owen, mother Delores and children Pete and Peep. “Nighty-Night-Sleep-Tight Lookout” storybook featuring the Whooswhoos which is about Delores and Owen, and their kids, Pete and Peep, can see all over town from their watchtower. It’s important that everything’s in order in Honeysuckle Hollow. One day, after cousin Keith slips on banana peels, they investigate and find a trail of peels that leads to a mystery.

This is another fun addition to your Lil’ Woodeez sets and adds to our classroom fun ( or any Lil’ Woodeez fun YOU might be having! ) These little critters are so well made, they are super soft and fuzzy and their body parts move/twist and turn for loads of realistic fun/play.

If you are like my Son and I, you have been eyeballing the Lil’ Woodeez for quite some time—don’t wait any longer! These little critters make THE perfect gift this Holiday Season and will be met with open arms Christmas morning, no doubt about it!

I received this product at no cost to me and have provided my honest and unbiased review here in return.

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