#HGG Looking for Great Creative Gifts This Holiday Season? B. Toys to the Rescue!


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We have been lovers for B. Toys for quite some time…I remember coveting so many different adorable toys for my oldest son when he was even just a baby and hoping that my many relatives would take my gift suggestions and pick up the bright, cheerful well constructed B. toys like we requested when asked ” What does he want for Christmas? “.

Over the years we have collected a wide assortment of toys from B. and not only have be had tons of fun, but ALL of our toys are still around and in great condition after all this time–so when looking for a great toys to be a part of my Holiday Gift Guide this year, I knew that they would definitely have fun and creative options for just about any young child!

The first toy to be added to our guide is the B. Pet Vet Clinic ( available at Target ).

The B. Pet Vet Clinic comes fully equipped with everything your little healer needs to fix up ouches and boo-boos. This 9-pc. toy veterinary kit includes a slide-out exam table with vital signs display, a friendly owl popping from the chimney and an arsenal of medical supplies like stethoscope, thermometer and syringe. Equipped with 4 private rooms and 2 adorable plush patients, this awesome children’s toy will provide hours of make-believe fun. Measures 6.8″Hx3.25″W. Ages 2 and up.

  • 4 private rooms and color match keys
  • 2 cute plush patients with x-rays
  • Owl pal pops out of the chimney
  • Slide-out exam table with vital signs display
  • Color match keys

This toy is perfect for the little animal lover or nurturer in your life. The bright colors make this toy pop and give this mobile carry-a-long vet clinic major appeal! My Son is in love with his new clinic–his favorite feature being the super fun color match keys. He loves finding the proper keys for each door and then locking or unlocking the locks.

This is a very fun little toy that promotes the using of imagination and also inspires! Great for your future little vet this Holiday Season!

Next toy was a gift that all three of my kids are loving!  The Mat-A-Matics (musical mat ) from B. is nothing short of a ton of fun!

Also available at Target.

 Soft, fold away floor mat comes with tons of fun features:

•Musical notes glow as you step in time to the music
•Bounce around making crazy combinations of the silliest sounds, or simply play your favorite nursery songs.
•Use the control panel to change the game or the sounds.

4 great ways to play with endless combinations
•Melody Mix: Step anywhere on the mat and familiar nursery songs will sing. So simple you can even let your little brother try. Great for one more turn before bedtime.
•Super Dance: Follow the lights and groove to 10 original dance hits. So quick and catchy, everyone will want to dance along! Won’t it be funny to watch the grown-ups try?
•Wacky Sounds: Bounce around the mat to hear silly sounds, jiggly giggles and farts – sorry, Mom.
•Memory music: Complete any or all of ten favorite nursery songs by repeating the steps. Do you remember how it goes?

My kids have had tons of crazy fun dancing, creating music and just being silly with this mat! It’s a great time and my little guy is super duper in love with playing the memory game! He loves the challenge and I love that he is having fun while building valuable skills!

Both toys are available at Target and would make fantastic gifts this Christmas–or any other of their fabulously fun toys, for that matter!

These toys were sent to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.


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