Homemaking Heather’s Children’s Holiday Gift Guide Contest!

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Prizes are as follows :

1. A Cute Onesie from Caboosee ( this onesie will be in size and style already chosen) ( https://www.facebook.com/caboosee2012)

2.  Four 8×10 Prints ( winners choice! ) by Paper Llamas  ( https://www.etsy.com/shop/PaperLlamas)

3.  One Free box from Little Passports ( http://www.littlepassports.com/ )

4. One free box from Surprise Ride ( http://www.surpriseride.com )

5.  Fashion Angel’s It’s my Biz Ultimate Business Guide! ( http://www.fashionangels.com/itsmybiz/it-s-my-biztm-ultimate-business-guide.html)

6. A Beatrix Girls Gift Package : A Beatrix Girls Doll with stand and instrument, The Beatrix Girls Debut Album “Meet the Beatrix”, stickers and a poster! (http://www.thebeatrixgirls.com/)

7. ONE HUNDRED DOLLAR Store Credit to Sitara Collections! (http://www.sitaracollections.com/ )

8. The Learning Journey International Shop and Learn Cash Register ( http://www.tlji.com/electronic-learning/77-shop-and-learn-cash-register.html)


9. Little Green Child/Baby Collection ( http://www.littlegreencares.com/)

10. Marble The Brain Store’s  Da Vinci’s Catapult With Braindrops ( http://www.marblesthebrainstore.com/technology-and-engineering/da-vincis-catapult-with-braindrops.htm )

10. Fresh Baby Pop Maker ( http://blog.freshbaby.com/peas_carrots/2014/10/fresh-baby-pop-maker.html

To enter please follow the instructions in the Rafflecopter Below 🙂 Must be 18+ and  Resident of the US. Prizes may vary from the photos above. I am NOT responsible  for  prize fulfillment.
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responses to “Homemaking Heather’s Children’s Holiday Gift Guide Contest!” 18

  1. If I win these will be going mostly to my stepsister who is having her baby any day now. 🙂 I think she would be most excited about the onesie.

  2. So hard to pick one-I am excited about them all!!I’d really love to try the surprise ride box though so I guess I’ll go with that one.My son would probably be most excited about the cash register though-he loves pretend shopping (and real shopping when he gets his hands on money)

  3. If I won this I would be most excited about the $100 store credit such cute things to chose from! And the fresh baby pop maker!!! Love that I can make my own Popsicles and know EXACTLY what’s in them! The fresher and more natural the better 🙂

  4. Oh my this would take such a financial burden off the holidays with a new grandson and growing family, too hard to choose one!! Really appreciate the opportunity to win this, any of them would be amazing!!!! 🙂

  5. I am most excited about #4, #6, & #8!! I have 8 kids and there’s pretty much something for all of them in this prize package!! Thanks for putting this together Heather xoxo

  6. all the prizes sound awesome but i like the ONE HUNDRED DOLLAR Store Credit to Sitara Collections the best!

  7. I am so excited about the Little Green Baby gift set!! I have heard such great things!! I am crossing all of my fingers and toes!!!

  8. The onsie for my sister who is having a baby and the toys I can donate to my charity The Hope Chest of Pekin,.They give out presents to low income kids

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