Jenz Blenz Review+Giveaway

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Recently I was contacted by Jen from Jenz Blenz to review a few products from her Etsy shop, and I am so glad that connection was made! She sent me sweet little goody bag full of all kinds of delicious smelling handmade products! She shipped it very quickly, everything was very nicely packaged and labeled.

First off she sent this sweet heart container ( below and above ) containing handmade “Double Bubble” bubble gum flavored lip balm! This stuff smells so super amazing and has a very nice sweet flavor! It was easy to apply and is very moisturizing. I love this lip balm and so does my daughter, in fact she has stolen this out of my bag several times to use for herself 🙂

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This product is really cute and is listed for $3, which I think is a great deal, especially for the generous amount you receive!

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The next product is actually my favorite ( though they are all good! ) This product is an Essential oil aromatherapy Roll-on Roller bottle in the Headache Relief blend. I am so glad that I received this one and think it had to be fate! I suffer from extremely bad headaches and migraines on occasion and have been wanting to try a headache blend for some time. As luck ( if you can call it that ) would have it, I received this package on the day of a very awful headache…it applied the product to my temples and a teensy bit under my nose–the smell is very calming and genuinely felt very nice. This product worked very nicely…I honestly would not make this claim had it not. My headache eased up after about 30 mins and I have continued to use this blend every time I start to feel one coming off. I can’t say that it worked miracles and totally relieves my horrible headaches instantly, but it does provide a great amount of NATURAL relief. I love it.

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I love the roller ball container, it feels nice to rub on my temples. My daughter also really likes this blend for her headaches as well.

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Next comes the delicious smelling Warm Vanilla Sugar Bath Bomb! This has to be one of the yummiest smell ever! It filled the package up with the amazing scent and when I opened it, it was the first thing I smelled…MMM! This is a very cute little bomb, and has sweet little seasonal sprinkles! The smell made my bath water heavenly and I felt moisturized after using it as well! She also offers a lavender bath bomb that I think would be amazing as well!

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Next are two products that I didn’t try out…though I can smell that they are AMAZING through the packaging! First is the Gingerboy soap—the scent is Gingerbread and peppermint vanilla and I can smell that it is AMAZING! It’s also super adorable! Next is the Love Spell scented Solid Lotion Stick…think a natural version of the Victoria’s Secret scent..which is so much better! I prefer handmade natural products any day over chemical filled store bought stuff! I love supporting small businesses and am so glad that I was given the opportunity to try these fantastic products! Now I want to give one of you that chance!

I am going to be giving away both of these products to one lucky winner! All you need to do is 18+ and a resident of the USA, check out my Facebook page and check out Jenz Blenz Etsy shop and let me know in the comments what OTHER product you would like to try! *Other than those shown here* This contest opens on April 10th, 2015 and will end on April 21st, 2015 at 11:59 PM Central Time. Good Luck!

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  1. I love the Peace aromatherapy locket pendant diffuser necklace jewelry with felt insert for essential oil-premium it is so my style!! Thanks for the great review!

  2. The Aromatherapy essential oil diffuser locket cage pendant necklace jewelry with felted wool ball is GORGEOUS and I can totally see myself wearing it! Thanks! :^)

  3. I would love to try all the bath bombs & the jewelry that holds the Essential oils! Oh & the lip (heart)gloss! Love the reviews on these products! Thanks for the opportunity!

    1. I really liked the deep blue quad aromatherapy locket on Jenz Blenz Etsy page. How cool! The locket would go great with a sleeveless blue dress I have. Thank you for introducing me to her work! 🙂

  4. The Aromatherapy filigree locket pendant diffuser necklace jewelry with essential oil is absolutely gorgeous and I had no idea that you could get a diffuser in necklace form. I’m also dying to try the Double Bubble lup balm that you listed in your post.

  5. I would love to try all your bath bombs and the aromatherapy diffuser as well! They sound like such awesome products!

  6. Love the Quad aromatherapy locket pendant diffuser necklace jewelry with felt insert for essential oil-premium

  7. I love the deep blue quad auromatherapy locket and of course all of the bath bombs!! Nothing is better than a bubble bath!!

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