Just Mayo!

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“What would it look like if we started over? Mayo would be so much more than a condiment. Who would have thought you could save an entire bathtub of water all the while having the most coveted pasta salad recipe in town? Just Mayo means giving your body something that feels good, with less cholesterol, but still tastes the way you want, without ever having to break the bank. Spread on.”


My current obsession happens to be bagel sandwiches, which I affectionately call, “bagelwiches”…and being that I am the condiment queen, I need mayo. Loads of mayo. In comes Just Mayo with their delicious Mayo offerings in : Original Mayo, Garlic, Sriracha and Chipotle.

This untypical mayo has quickly become a staple in our household. Each amazing flavor making each sandwich, each pasta salad–even cake, a revelation! Sandwiches at home have never tasted so gourmet, so rich and…just, delicious!

Even though this is Just Mayo…this not JUST mayo…to be completely honest, it’s a bit of a game changer!

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“Just Mayo is a full-fat, expeller-pressed canola oil mayonnaise substitute created by Hampton Creek. Just Mayo was first released in Northern California Whole Foods Markets on September 19, 2013.”

“Just Mayo does not contain eggs and the formula took approximately two years to create. The research and development team at Hampton Creek screened 1,500 plants before discovering eleven that were suitable for the emulsification purposes in a mayonnaise. The plant that replaces the egg in Just Mayo is a specific variety of the Canadian yellow field pea (a type of split pea)”-Wikipedia
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Eat a really good sandwich, a bagelwich even and change the world.

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