Kernel Seasons Review

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In our house we like to snack, I admit it…but thankfully my children looove snacking on popcorn! When we discovered Kernel Seasons my children were VERY excited! The could not believe that such popcorn seasonings even existed! We live a sheltered life 😉 I was not only excited that they were excited, I was quite excited myself! Not only would I be able to enjoy some tasty tasty popcorn flavors, but I could try the Kernel Seasons out in my cooking!!! YUM! I also checked out the bottles to discover that they are not made with artificial ingredients, which I love, but they seem to be relatively healthy!

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I received this faaaabulous gift package:

8 Seasoning Gift Basket–Packed in a classic cardboard popcorn bucket and wrapped with a cellophane bag that can be easily opened and resealed to allow the ability to add movie tickets, movie gift certificates, or gift cards to round out your flavor present. It’s the perfect gift for any occasion.

Basket Includes:
1 White Cheddar
1 Nacho Cheese
1 Kettle Corn
1 Butter
1 Garlic Parmesan
1 Bacon Cheddar
1 Ranch
1 Caramel
2 Microwave Popcorn Packets

This basket sells for $24.99 and would make a FABULOUS gift! I can totally see giving this to many of my family members this Christmas season along with some of their favorite movies! How cute would that be?!

Kernal Seasons are available in the flavors :
o White Cheddar
o Nacho Cheddar
o Butter
o Ranch
o Kettle Corn
o Cheesy Jalapeno
o Caramel
o Bacon Cheddar
o Salt
o Garlic Parmesan
o Buffalo Wing
o Milk Chocolate Caramel
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My favorite flavor would have to be the Kettle Corn, I am a sucker for sweet and this was perfect! The Caramel is also amazing, I actually added this into some apple cider and it was AMAZING!
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You cannot go wrong with everyone’s favorite popcorn topping, Butter! This tastes super natural and super good! I really enjoyed using the ranch seasoning in my cooking I have seasoned chicken and pork chops with this ranch seasoning and the entire family loved it!
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I have also used all of these flavors on popcorn as well as in my cooking ( I also really love cooking with the Garlic Parmesan, however it someone didn’t make it into the individual photos…I think a child might have been responsible 😉 ) and think that they are also amazing mixed together!
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Lightly sprinkle your Kernel Seasons bottle and enjoy…these go a long way making each bottle a great deal!
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We have really enjoyed each and every flavor we received…I honestly cannot think of one flavor that wasn’t delicious! I highly recommend trying these out on your popcorn and your favorite foods!
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The top favorites in our house have to be the Kettle Corn and Garlic Parmesan…as you can see, we enjoy them on both popcorn and many other foods! Check out their website for more fun ways/recipes to use your Kernel Seasons!
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