Laundry Tips For Keeping Your Clothing Looking Like New + Free Laundry Routine Printable!


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I am ALWAYS being asked how I keep my kids clothing looking so nice, how they have so many fabulous outfits and how I am able to re-sell their clothing after usually at least one year use. For starters, I am a SUPER thrifty shopper, I love a good bargain, and don’t mind buying used clothing, but I have to admit, the biggest secret to their beautiful fresh looking clothing is my laundry routine.


I have pretty much gotten my laundry routine down to a science, and figured out what works for us, our machine and our stains. It’s super simple, saves us money and on occasion MAKES me money–and you CANNOT beat that.

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To start  with, I do not use any type of stain remover/releaser, I simply remove the clothing when the stain happens ( bringing an extra set of clothing for kids is always a great idea ), rinse the stain out, and put it in a wet bag until we get home to the machine. If we are home, I might soak it in cold water and throw it in the machine if rinsing isn’t sufficient.

For my regular routine, I simply follow a very easy list of steps that leaves our clothing looking vibrant and fabulous!  1. I start by sorting the colors and materials. Keeping more delicate materials together keeps them from getting worn out as easily. 2. I then set my machine to COLD. I never use warm or hot water, unless I am washing bath towels. 3. I then add a high quality laundry detergent, like Member’s Mark® Ultimate Clean Laundry Detergent! I purchase this detergent from Sam’s Club. It’s VERY reasonably priced and comes in two great fragrances, Fresh Scent and Paradise Splash. It leaves my clothing clean, vibrant and smelling great. 4. Next, I hang dry the majority of our clothing. We only use our dryer for towels, pj’s, undies and sometimes jeans, the majority of the time we hang dry our other clothing on a drying rack and sometimes in warmer weather on a clothing line ( but out of the sunshine to prevent fading ). This prevents shrinkage and fading. It also seems to prevents our clothing from developing holes.


This is a GREAT routine that leaves our clothing looking nice, vibrant and like new. This keeps us in our clothing longer and allows me to make money back to purchase new clothing for my littles once they have outgrown their existing wardrobe.


Our laundry routine is such an important part of our lives, I feel that it is important that everyone in our household remembers it–especially Daddy!

GET THIS CUTE LAUNDRY ROOM SIGN! I created this super adorable printable that reminds him ( and everyone else ) of the Laundry Steps. It’s helpful and looks great and I have decided to share it with you! I simply chose to print mine through a local photo printing service on 8×10 photo paper, and it looks fabulous—and cost me around $3 dollars. Such a fun cheap reminder!

new wash


Download the Printable here.



Choosing a great laundry detergent is such an important part of keeping your clothes looking their best. This Member’s Mark Ultimate Clean Detergent from Sam’s Club and, has served us well, is HE washer safe, has patented Ultra Clean Technology that aids in removing stains, even in cold water, which works perfectly with our routine!


Do you have a laundry routine you love or tried the Member’s Mark detergent from Sam’s Club? Let me know in the comments below!


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