Laundry Tips For Keeping Your Clothing Looking Like New + Free Laundry Routine Printable!


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I am ALWAYS being asked how I keep my kids clothing looking so nice, how they have so many fabulous outfits and how I am able to re-sell their clothing after usually at least one year use. For starters, I am a SUPER thrifty shopper, I love a good bargain, and don’t mind buying used clothing, but I have to admit, the biggest secret to their beautiful fresh looking clothing is my laundry routine.


I have pretty much gotten my laundry routine down to a science, and figured out what works for us, our machine and our stains. It’s super simple, saves us money and on occasion MAKES me money–and you CANNOT beat that.

laundry tips

To start  with, I do not use any type of stain remover/releaser, I simply remove the clothing when the stain happens ( bringing an extra set of clothing for kids is always a great idea ), rinse the stain out, and put it in a wet bag until we get home to the machine. If we are home, I might soak it in cold water and throw it in the machine if rinsing isn’t sufficient.

For my regular routine, I simply follow a very easy list of steps that leaves our clothing looking vibrant and fabulous!  1. I start by sorting the colors and materials. Keeping more delicate materials together keeps them from getting worn out as easily. 2. I then set my machine to COLD. I never use warm or hot water, unless I am washing bath towels. 3. I then add a high quality laundry detergent, like Member’s Mark® Ultimate Clean Laundry Detergent! I purchase this detergent from Sam’s Club. It’s VERY reasonably priced and comes in two great fragrances, Fresh Scent and Paradise Splash. It leaves my clothing clean, vibrant and smelling great. 4. Next, I hang dry the majority of our clothing. We only use our dryer for towels, pj’s, undies and sometimes jeans, the majority of the time we hang dry our other clothing on a drying rack and sometimes in warmer weather on a clothing line ( but out of the sunshine to prevent fading ). This prevents shrinkage and fading. It also seems to prevents our clothing from developing holes.


This is a GREAT routine that leaves our clothing looking nice, vibrant and like new. This keeps us in our clothing longer and allows me to make money back to purchase new clothing for my littles once they have outgrown their existing wardrobe.


Our laundry routine is such an important part of our lives, I feel that it is important that everyone in our household remembers it–especially Daddy!

GET THIS CUTE LAUNDRY ROOM SIGN! I created this super adorable printable that reminds him ( and everyone else ) of the Laundry Steps. It’s helpful and looks great and I have decided to share it with you! I simply chose to print mine through a local photo printing service on 8×10 photo paper, and it looks fabulous—and cost me around $3 dollars. Such a fun cheap reminder!

new wash


Download the Printable here.



Choosing a great laundry detergent is such an important part of keeping your clothes looking their best. This Member’s Mark Ultimate Clean Detergent from Sam’s Club and, has served us well, is HE washer safe, has patented Ultra Clean Technology that aids in removing stains, even in cold water, which works perfectly with our routine!


Do you have a laundry routine you love or tried the Member’s Mark detergent from Sam’s Club? Let me know in the comments below!


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  1. What a fun printable! My husband isn’t too savvy in the laundry department, so something like this would really help him. Thanks for sharing! #client

  2. The laundry room sign is a good idea, I just recently taught my 13 year old son to do his laundry so this would be good for him.

  3. Awesome. Always love New ideas!!Thank you and I want the cotton candy maker!! Thank u!!💙💙🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀😂

  4. I always add my soap first and usually let it suds up a bit before putting my clothes in. Thanks for the tips!

  5. I love these tips and the printable! I have a teenager and a preteen and I am definitely printing this out, framing it, and putting it in our laundry area! I love that its step by step and there will be no excuses or way that they can clam they can’t do laundry anymore!

  6. I love your laundry tips! I could share these tips with my girls when their doing the laundry. These are really helpful tips. Thank-you, for sharing!

  7. I really try to make our clothes last as long as possible, which is why dry hanging shirts is a great idea.

  8. I love the tips and have been doing some of them for years. Now to pass on some of these tips to my daughter.

  9. Great tips, glad I am not the only one who washes everything in cold. I love that it saves on my electric bill too!

  10. Great tips and I love the idea of a printout of laundry routines. Should help my husband figure out how it goes when he does laundry. lol

  11. I have a Sams card and I love their brand but I’ve never tried the detergent. It sounds like it works great though and it’s a good deal.

  12. Thanks for the tips! I had no idea that stain removers would cause my clothes to look worn out faster. Beautiful photos as well.

  13. Great tips! I am a very big believer in sorting laundry by color and also washing in cold water so things don’t fade. Thanks for the great laundry printable.

  14. I think your laundry tips are great! I do most of them..except when we get stains I ( depending on the material) will take a little detergent and rub it onto the stain after I have wet the stain with cold water..then put it in a wet bag until I can wash. I try to let it set for atleast 6 hours with the pre treat..I Love to hang all my laundry outdoors weather permitting..but as of the last few years I have noticed alot of pollen collecting on the that has been put by the wayside and I use the dryer and hang on hangers items I do not want to dry. Thank you for your tips..I am quite fussy about my laundry routine,as I see you are also.

  15. I like your tip of washing clothes in cold water! I have noticed a considerable difference in how colorful & nice our clothes have stayed since I started washing everything in cold!

  16. I’m thrilled to read about new laundry tips, my main concern is with delecates, specifically silk and velvet materials.

  17. Perhaps I do need to print it out and make some copies to use as a checklist. You know you are showing your age when you can’t remember if your clothes have gone through the wash cycle yet.

  18. Great laundry tips I will be sure to try some of these! I also entered to win your cotton candy maker, thanks for the chance!

  19. Awesome printable and we need this because my kids insist on washing their own clothing and they think it is acceptable to throw everything in together one load, but then want to whine when their clothes look nasty after a short period of time.

  20. These are great tips. I will have to print this off for my daughter in college. Hopefully she will use it! Thank you!

  21. My son is finally moving out of our home (the last of my kids to leave) and I will print out this laundry printable for him. It is simple and really cute!

  22. I notice the laundry steps sign omitted “turn on the dryer.” (You can not make assumptions with my daughter regarding things of this manner.)

  23. Thank you for the great tips,going to try them out.Busy mom and messy little girl I think this will help keep our clothes looking good as new.

  24. I think it great !! About time someone did this I learned a few things about the way I was doing laundry

  25. The laundry room sign would help me remember to start my washer before I add detergent. Have been married 58 years and still forget

  26. These are great tips. I only use Cold water my self and love hanging my clothes outside because the clothes seem so fresher. Especially my Bedding.

  27. I like the tips for cleaning like new. That is exactly how my Mama taught me. Now if I could only teach my children…

  28. Thanks for the great tips. I love to hang my laundry out during the spring & summer, also saves on utility bills 🙂

  29. These are great! I love the printable! I have started using almost all cold water for our laundry as well. Sometimes if there is a real tough load of laundry I will also add some Arm and Hammer Laundry Booster powder which really helps!!

  30. I always add my detergent last. Starting to think I’m doing it backwards since everyone I know adds it first.

  31. love the tips, my mother didnt have a washer and dryer so I had to teach myself and these tips are helpful thanks

  32. I hate laundry so much. I will try some of these tips – hopefully they will make the process easier!

  33. I always sort my clothes by darks (navy blues and black), colors and whites. It definitely helps keep clothes looking better longer!

  34. Great tips and I love the printables!! We shop at SAMs Club all the time and have yet to try the Makers Mark detergent. Can’t wait to pick it up next time and try it!!

  35. I love the printable. I have bought many Sams Club brand items but never tried their detergent. We are big Tide fans but I will have to give this a try.

  36. great tips and love the printable should print it out and give it to my daughter so she will start doing her own laundry, lol.

  37. I love the idea of a printable step-by-step list. I have my 8 and 11 year old kids doing the laundry much of the time, so at least I would be sure they are following the steps:)

  38. I am always looking for tips on how to keep my clothes looking new. Thank you so much for sharing.

  39. Hi Heather! They’re super cute! I am commenting multiple times for the daily entries…trying not to sound too repetitive! 😉

  40. Great tips! I always use cold water to wash but I get lazy about separating my whites from my colors!

  41. I always wash in cold but mainly because I know it helps the environment. Now I just need to get the folding when dry part down!!!

  42. Thanks for the great laundry tips. I plan on making a copy of these and putting it in my laundry room.

  43. Great laundry tips they could be very useful. I do a load of laundry every single day in order to avoid a pileup of clothes. I find if they pile up on me I really dread doing them much more.

  44. I have been doing most of the suggestions you gave. I guess there are always new people that take your great suggestions! Great job!

  45. Thanks for the tips. I have to wash clothes at least 4 or 5 times a week at least two loads a day. So any tips I get are very helpful. 2adults and 4 kids 10,8,4 and 2.

  46. I would love to try the Fresh Scent. I am also a big believer on washing clothes in cold water. Less chance of laundry mistakes.

  47. I love the laundry instructions sign. It would look cute hanging on the wall in the laundry room and it would be a great reminder for the rest of my family. Thanks for the tips.

  48. I think these laundry tips are very helpful, we are getting our kids involved in the process and your printables are a great aids in teaching them.

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