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We received several delicious bars of Liberty Chocolate to try out several weeks ago…and believe me, I have been craving more since! These bars are available in the flavors Dark, Peppermint, Almond Coconut, Maple, Acai & Blueberry, Moon Time (Cherry/Pomegranate), Hot Pepper, Passionfruit Lemon, Vanilla Rose, Strawberry, Coffee, and Himalayan Salt. We tried the Dark, Almond Coconut, Maple and the Cherry Pom. Each were very delicious, and definitely nothing like the mass produced chocolate bars you can purchase in the candy aisle at the grocery store. They have very rich deep flavors, and a very lovely texture. Our favorite bar was unanimously decided to be the Moon Time-Cherry/Pom! It was SUPER delicious, with bits of fruit pieces throughout and the most amazing flavor! Yummm. Liberty Chocolates are perfect for ANY occasion, but I have been thinking they would be absolutely perfect as a Christmas Gift/ Stocking Stuffer for all of the chocolate lovers in my life!

Their bars are all dairy free, soy free,  and do not contain refined sugars. They use local raw honey ( Yes! ), which helps support local farmer, bees, and your health! 🙂 The cocoa beans are hand picked in Peru. All of the ingredients are organic and natural, and the bars are handmade with care just for you!  ( These lovely bars are made in a facility that also processes tree nuts )

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Liberty Chocolates  use sustainable agriculture, traditional practices, and hand crafting from farm to finish. The chocolate is made with organically grown Peruvian cacao beans and naturally sweetened with local honey. The beans are harvested, aged, and laid on banana leaves to dry in the sun on small farms in Peru. The final processes of hand blending, mixing, and packaging are done in Vermont.

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Information that I found super interesting from the Liberty Chocolate website :

Katrina Coravos

I began Liberty Chocolates years ago in my home kitchen on a mountaintop in Vermont. I was recently a single mother to two boys, and I wanted to create an income for myself that enabled me to stay home to raise them. After just a couple of years, my business grew, and we are now in a commercial kitchen in Montpelier with several employees. It has been an amazing journey that continues to teach me everyday.

The definition of Liberty is “the pursuit of dreams”.
My hope is to help inspire other women to step forward in their own form of Liberty. I believe that we all have a calling, and a dream that lives within us. For many of us, stepping into this purpose can be frightening, and we can often get in our own way with self doubt and fear of failure. I believe if we can move through these blocks, we will live more fulfilling, content, and beautiful lives. I am dedicated to the dream of all us waking up to our individual callings. I believe this is how we change the world.

My dream:
My dream is to open up a self sufficient retreat center and intentional community here in Vermont called Return of Avalon. I am passionate about the women’s movement and women’s spirituality. My dream is to have land where women can come together to support one another and dream together. Liberty Chocolates is the means to this dream. Every bar that we wrap here in the factory says the words, “Claim Your Liberty” on the back. To me, this is my reminder that I am working towards my dreams. And, also the reminder that I am already living it…

 You can find their website here to order and for more information!  You can also visit their Facebook page here.


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