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I received two super duper cute minky pocket style cloth diapers which came with one microfiber insert and one cotton bamboo insert  a piece to review…and I am going to be honest here, although I do cloth diaper I don’t know termanology like many of my collector friends do 😉 I just know which ones work well, which ones fit well, and of course, which ones don’t. Besides being super cute and super soft these diapers are very well made, and proved excellent leak protection…we have not had one single leak yet! Take that disposable diapers! There are several options ( which I have taken from Lil Bum’s website and shown below )  for how to use your inserts, we use option one style, and this seems to work best for us, even over nights ( though my little man rarely pees during the night ). We have been washing our diapers with Unicorn Baby detergent and they have washed up VERY well! We also line dry and to this day they still look brand new! These are good quality cloth diapers, which is super apparent, even to a novice like me. I am very happy to add these two Lil Bum cuties to our mini collection and hope to accumulate a few more before potty training—though these will be perfect for potty training as well!  They come in such a wide variety of prints, I can see how it could easily become an obsession 😉 and I am very pleased with the print and color I received…I think they look so sweet on my little Aug!  I love that these are free from yucky chemicals like disposables are full of , are good for our environment , and like I mentioned before, save a ton of money! For those of you considering cloth diapers PLEASE read the info I have shared from the Lil Bum website below and really consider giving it a try! I absolutely love it, and it saves so so so much money in the long run! For even more info please visit the little bum website here. Lil Bums is currently running a HUGE fall sale right now and everything is an additional 20% off using the coupon code that can be found on their Facebook page, which you can find here. The sale is running from Oct 1st-5th.

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“Lil Bums one size cloth diapers are the softest cloth diapers on the market. Made with a luxuriously soft minky fabric that’s not only incredibly smooth, but extremely durable and stain resistant. This will keep your diapers looking as good as the day you bought them for years to come.

At Lil Bums we think that cloth diapering is a great way to keep our earth a little cleaner and an even better way to keep your baby healthier. That’s why we use organically grown bamboo cotton inserts, which make for an extremely comfortable fit that will prevent rashes. Super durable snaps allow the diaper to be adjusted to fit any baby from newborns to toddlers. An inner stay-dry suede lining is used to wick moisture away from your baby’s skin and give the inside of the diaper a dry feel.  Keeping your little tikes toosh dryer is not only healthier for their skin but helps to potty train them much quicker. The waterproof backing and elastic leg openings make for a leak proof fit and the best cloth diapers on the market.

Available in a wide variety of fun colors and patterns, Lil Bums cloth diapers are a great way to go green while saving you money.”

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All Lil Bums diapers include 2 inserts

inserts final


inside image copy

Option 1

-Stuff the pocket – Slide an insert of your choice into the pocket opening. 

stuffed pocket

Option 2

-Forget the pocket – Simply lay the insert on top of the diaper. Once the diaper is snapped on, the insert will stay right in place. 

lay insert

Option 3

-For maximum absorbency – Combine option 1 and 2. Place one insert in the pocket and lay the other on top. 

Snap it on

Place the diaper on your baby as you would a regular diaper and snap the wings onto the front to secure. Use the bottom three rows of snaps to adjust the leg openings. With many durable snaps on the front of the diaper, it’s easy to find the best fit for your baby.

Disposable Liners

-Avoid messy clean ups – Disposable Liners are made out of  a paper thin layer of organically grown bamboo cotton.  So they are 100% biodegradable. They can be used in addition to any of the options listed above.  The liner will help contain the mess of a poopy diaper. Just throw the liner away! This will keep your cloth diapers much cleaner and easier to wash. They are sold in rolls of 100 and can be purchased here.

Disposable Bamboo liner

Washing and Care Instructions


  • Rinse diapers in a cold rinse cycle.
  • Wash on hot with detergent free of oils or any additives like fabric softeners. (We recommend using Charlies Soap laundry detergent powder.)
  • Rinse diapers in cold rinse cycle 2 times to make sure all soap is removed.
  • Dry on low or medium until dry.


My diapers aren’t as absorbent as they used to be. What should I do?

Once in a while you may need to strip your diapers. This will remove any excess soap, oils or undesirable smells.


  • Wash once in hot water with one teaspoon (for high efficiency machines) to one tablespoon (for regular washing machines) with original liquid Dawn (blue formula).
  • Do two additional hot water washes with no detergent to completely rinse the diapers clean. If you still see bubbles, keep rinsing until the diapers are rinsed clean.
  • You can also try adding a small amount of vinegar to the rinse. This will help strip away any remaining soap.



How much money do you really save?

Everyone talks about how much money you can save with cloth diapering, but how much money are we really talking about? The average child will use between $2,000 to $2,500 in disposable diapers before they are potty trained. Cloth Diapering can cost you as little as $300 to $400 for one child. If you continue to use the diapers on another baby the cost will be even less.

How many diapers do I need?

We recommend 24 diapers. This may vary based on your child’s wetting habits. Remember, wash at least every other day and rotate your stash of diapers evenly.

Need extra absorbency overnight?

Try using 2 inserts. Also, both inserts don’t have to be put inside the pocket. Many moms find it easier to lay the insert right over the top of the pocket. Feel free to experiment with them to see what works best for you and your baby.

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Enter to win a $50 store credit which can be used on all items excluding Charlies Soap products only! You must be a US resident 18+. You must like Homemaking Heather on Facebook, You must like Lil Bums on Facebook as well— . Share this with your Facebook friends for an extra entry, and receive another extra entry for tagging friends who are NOT current Homemaking Heather page fans. This contest will end on October 15th at 1159 pm central time.


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