Little Green Review, A 2014 Homemaking Heather Holiday Gift Guide Pick!


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 safe, gentle, pure  formulated for sensitive skin clinically & dermatologist tested  hypoallergenic no parabens, no allergens, no sulfates  gluten free made in the usa  no animal testing

Shampoo & Body Wash (Baby)

Mild, tear-free, all in one formula gently cleans and nourishes baby’s hair and skin. Vitamin B5 and Vitamin E, moisturize and protect. Delicate enough for the most sensitive skin. Makes bath time quick, easy and fun. To lock in moisture follow with Little Green Baby Nourishing Body Lotion.
2 oz., 8 oz.01101

I am absolutely in LOVE with the Baby Shampoo and Body wash! It lathers up and cleans so well while remaining so gentle and mild that it has quickly became my favorite product to use at bath time with my son, Augie ! It leaves his skin so smooth and moisturized and his hair silky and clean. I love the very subtle smell that is left behind on my sweeties hair and skin, I catch myself sniffing him sometimes, it’s that nice! It’s a very clean and soft smell that is not over powering and offensive like other baby shampoo/body washes we have tried in the past. 

Nourishing Body Lotion (Baby)

Gentle moisturizer for face and body rich in Aloe, Vitamin B5 and Vitamin E, heals and protects. Formulated and tested to calm irritation and defend against dryness. Easily absorbs leaving skin smooth and hydrated. Perfect for a relaxing bedtime routine.
2 oz., 8 oz.

Like the Shampoo and Body wash this lotion has a very lovely light fragrance that leaves me son’s skin with the sweetest light scent, not to mention moisturizes his skin VERY well. We use this lotion after bath time each night, put on his footie pj’s and by morning his skin is super duper soft and his little dry patches from the cold weather have vanished! We absolutely adore this lotion, and I find myself using it on my own skin from time to time! 

Cradle Cap Care

Gentle scalp exfoliant with Salicylic Acid and Shea Butter to remove cradle cap flakes and ease discomfort. 1.5 oz.

To be completely honest we haven’t had a reason to use the Cradle Cape Care, but I am guessing the results are just as amazing as the above mentions products! We will be giving this to a friend for her sweet little baby who needs it with full confidence it will work amazingly.


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Shampoo & Body Wash (Kids)

Refreshing tear-free hair and body wash gently cleans and nourishes all in one. Vitamin B5 and Vitamin E cleanse hair and skin without over drying. For added protection against dryness follow with Little Green Kids Nourishing Body Lotion.

My older kids have been using the Kids Shampoo and Body wash and have had quite nice results! Their hair has been left clean, full and smells fab! I was a little nervous using the body wash on my daughters skin, she has very dry sensitive skin and and a real issue with eczema…but surprisingly she says that the body wash doesn’t bother her and hasn’t been leaving her skin dry! That’s a definite win in my book! 

Nourishing Body Lotion (Kids)

Lightweight face and body moisturizer heals and protects. An infusion of Vitamin E, Olive Oil, Shea Butter, Aloe and Oat Extract penetrate deep into the skin to prevent dryness and lock in moisture. Perfect for kids and adults with sensitive skin conditions.
2 oz., 8 oz.

Unfortunately my daughters extremely hasn’t taken to kindly to this lotion (her skin is VERY fickle, and responds very weirdly even to products I initially believe should be wonderful.  ), however, my son and I have been using it with great success! It is very light and can be used all over the body. I have found that it works very well on my dry elbows without causing any burning whatsoever, and I have come to rely on it heavily in my daily moisturizing routine–not just for kids my friends 😉 

Conditioning Hair Detangler


Tangles and knots no more! Nourishing fine mist instantly detangles and smoothes for shiny, healthy hair. Silk Proteins, Vitamin B-5 and Aloe strengthen and protect against sun, salt and chlorine.
8 oz.

As you can see from the photo below, my daughter has quite a lot of tangles in her extremely long hairs…we are always searching for an effective detangler, and have found a great friend in the Little Green Conditioning Hair Detangler! It works quite nicely, and makes it so much easier to get a brush through her thick tangled locks! She has even been carrying it around in her bag when we go out for extra help when her hair gets tangled in the wind! This was a great find for us!

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Soothing Balm

Perfect for chapped lips, cheeks and redness due to runny noses and dry patches. This lightweight balm is formulated with Beeswax and Jojoba to moisturize and nourish. Avocado Oil and Evening Primrose soothe and protect against summer and winter skin conditions. 

Last, but especially not least, our favorite product, the Soothing Balm! This has been fantastic for my daughter! She has been able to use this all over her body, her dry rough patches she gets on her legs, her arms, but especially her face! She gets THE worst dry spots on her eyelids that get dry and raw so quickly! She is able to carry this handy dandy stick with her and apply whenever and wherever she needs it! This product is a life saver! We never go anywhere without it, and I highly recommend this to anyone who gets those little raw painful dry spots that are too sensitive for lotion…this is perfect! 

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I think Little Green products are fantastic, very effective, and great for kiddos with sensitive skin issues! These products have been a game changer for us, and I wish we would have discovered them sooner! Not only would these be great purchases for ones self, but for a baby shower gift as well! How would would the baby set be in a sweet basket?!? They would also be fabulous in a baby stocking! I know I am always looking for products to put in my kids stockings when they are babies, and these would be great!!

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2 thoughts on “Little Green Review, A 2014 Homemaking Heather Holiday Gift Guide Pick!”

  • Thank you for sharing this! My son has extremely sensitive skin, even to sensitive skin creams like aveeno, and eczema. He gets horrible dry red cheeks in the winter and I think I’m going to try the soothing balm! Mt daughter also has a touch of eczema. And I’ve been searching for some all natural shampoo and body wash for the kids so this is all around great for me! Thanks for your review!

    • You are very welcome! We really like all of the products and I am glad to share them! The balm has really been helpful for the small patches!

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