Little Passports World Edition Review, A 2014 Homemaking Heather Holiday Gift Guide Pick!
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Little Passports World Edition is a monthly subscription service that allows your children to take a trip around the world all from the comfort of their home for only 11.95 per month ( prices vary depending on your subscription choices ). Included in your introductory shipment is the super fun and bright suitcase and enclosed inside :

An introductory letter from your Little Passports tour guides, Same and Sofia. They explain the program to your child and prepare them for the adventure ahead!

A very large world map! ( the kids were really excited about this! )

A photo of Sam and Sofia.

A very realistic world passport in which your child can customize and keep track of the locations they have traveled each month! ( this includes stickers! )

A worksheet that helps your child greet friends in 5 different languages by using a super fun cipher! They also practice finding country capitals and learn about flags!

And the VERY important boarding pass! It provides log in info so your child can access the Boarding Zone, which includes puzzle,s maps, and trivia! Each month your littles are able to play extra games that relate to the location you are visiting at the time!

My children have had a blast with their suitcase full of goodies and I give this subscription service a thumbs up for sure! They have spent hours checking out the map, playing online games and doing puzzles, not to mention the fun they have had carrying around their suitcase and passport and traveling the world! I highly recommend checking out the Little Passport website ( and info below ) and see what service would work best for your children! This program would make a fantastic Birthday or Christmas gift, and that is why I have included it in my Holiday Gift Guide! It’s a fun thoughtful gift that I know would please both parent and child!!

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This is what your children will see the first exciting time the receive a package from Little Passports!
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Cipher and Introduction letter
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All of the fun goodies you receive in your suitcase!
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A very high quality world map for your child!
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My daughter checking out the contents of her suitcase! She has really had a fun time getting started!
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Not only is the map super fun for your child’s “world travels”, but I find that my kids have a super great time just trying to point out various countries and figuring out how close they are to them 🙂


Choose an adventure

Select the adventure and subscription plan that’s right for your child. We offer fun and engaging products for children ages 3-12 and offer several different payment plans and gift options.

Three exciting adventure packages to choose from:

Early Explorers

Ages 3 – 5

World Edition

Ages 5 – 10

USA Edition

Ages 7 – 12


Check your mailbox

Your introductory kit will arrive with everything your child needs to get started. Destination-specific packages then arrive every month filled with letters, souvenirs, activities & more.


Discover and learn

Watch your child race to the mailbox each month to check for their latest adventure! Our fun and engaging packages will inspire a life-long love of learning.

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