Logona- Naturkosmetik Review

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If  you have read my previous posts at all in the past, you all already know that I love natural pure environmentally friendly products…so obviously Logona Naturkosmetik was going to be for me! I knew it from the minute that I discovered their website and all of their gorgeous cosmetic products! They have the purest high quality all natural materials , including botanical oils, herbal extracts and essential oils. They follow very strict ecologically responsible guidelines and also offer recyclable packaging, which you know I am all about! I cannot say enough about the Logona cosmetics. They are packaged beautifully, in very high quality containers, they offer a wide variety of products in beautiful colors, and most importantly their products go on and stay on fantastically! They are one of my top two cosmetic companies, the other being Sante Naturkosmetik! ( which is actually a line created by the same company! ) I have tried so many products in the past, with even higher price tags and I can tell you that for me, personally, none of them have compared to the Logona products as far as quality, and the peace of mind that using natural products on my sensitive face brings me. ( please see the photo at the boom to see my poor rosacea cheekies…my face is SENSITIVE. ) I feel confident applying Logona cosmetics to my face even during my “breakouts”, and know that they will not cause any further flaring…please keep in mind that I am only wearing lip and eye products in this photo, but I am sharing to show my confidence in applying Logona products during a flare up!

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Eyeshadow Trio no. 02, cashmere

Trio eyeshadows come in alluring color combinations. For every eye color and every day and evening look – from unpretentious and elegant to sophisticated and extravagant.

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Double Lip Pencil no. 08, pink

The wooden lip pencil gives lips a delicate sheen or matte shine. Two complementary shades in one pencil.

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Eyeliner Pencil no. 01, deep black

Classic eyeliner pencil silky-smooth texture. Easy to apply.

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Double Eyeliner Pencil no. 03, light grey

Dual eyeliner pencil. For highlighting the corner of the eye in various shades. ( this color didn’t really come through properly in my photograph )

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Rouge Duo no. 01, pink + rose

The complementary color shades of this satiny blush duo gives your face contour and a fresh look.

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Lipstick no. 06, coral

For stylish, silky-soft lips in irresistible shades with an extra creamy texture and high anti-aging care qualities.


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Here I am wearing the Coral 06 lipstick, the Eyeliner Pencil 01, and the color on the left in the Eyeshadow Trio 02 on top of an a green eyeshadow stick color from Sante. Again, I am NOT wearing blush in this photograph…unfortunately I suffer from rosacea, and was having a flare up at the time of this photograph. ( this flare up was previous to putting on these products, but the products did not irritate my skin at all. )

If you cannot tell, I am absolutely in love with the Logona products, and cannot wait to try all of the other things they have to offer–especially their natural hair dyes! Oooh! Yes! You heard me right! :D:D If you are interested in checking them out, you can find them on their website here and their Facebook here

Standards and Quality

Manufacturing personal care products without synthetic preservatives requires especially careful handling of both raw materials and finished products, as the slightest contamination can ruin an entire production run. LOGONA utilizes GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), the pharmaceutical industry’s production standard, to guide our manufacturing processes.

We also continuously improve our product quality to keep current with advances in manufacturing and ingredient standards. However, no advance in product quality comes at the cost of our steadfast commitment to environmental responsibility. Our foremost goal is to make quality personal care products with minimal impact on our planet and its resources.


Our raw materials are of the highest quality and, whenever possible, of certified organic origin. In addition, nearly all our products are certified by BDHI and NaTrue, two independent certification standards that award their seal to products that comply with the strictest natural standards.

Plant Extracts

Chamomile from Egypt, rosemary from France, linden blossom from Croatia, horsetail from Portugal – our LOGONA Research & Development team analyze plants from all over the world to determine the best resources for our products.

And, because production methods play an equally important role in the quality of a plant extract, LOGONA produces many of our own extracts. By utilizing a mixture of bio-ethanol, water and glycerin (standard extracts are usually made using only ethanol and water) we slowly and gently release the active plant ingredients. The addition of glycerin and our six to eight hour extraction process allow us to capture more of the active plant ingredients than with a standard ethanol and water mixture.

With few exceptions, the plants LOGONA sources for our extracts are certified organic. And, most of our plant extracts are from classic medicinal plants, making them extremely effective.


I want to say thank you to Logona for letting me try out their amazing products, with that said, these opinions are 100 percent my own.

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