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The Lovely Candy Co Review - Gluten Free & Delicious!

The Lovely Candy Co Review - Gluten Free & Delicious!

My kids love candy…and who am I kidding? I do too! What I don’t love ? All the icky ingredients in a lot of the candies that line the aisles at the grocery store and check out lanes. You know which ones I mean. Sure they are pretty good, sure they are easy to find and cheap to purchase, but have you ever looked at an ingredient label? Like really looked? Yuck! They are packed full of gross things that I really would prefer to stay away from! I was excite to find that Lovely Candy Co. candy is NOT full of the icky junk and is kosher, gluten free, non-GMO, has zero trans fats and NO high fructose corn syrup or artificial ingredients! You cannot beat that!

Lovely Candy Co. offers a wide variety of flavors : Chocolate Cherry Kiss, Caramel Apple Caramels, Original Chewy Caramels, Chewy Chocolate Peppermints, Sea Salt Caramels, Fudgee Rolls, Raspberry Fudgee Rolls, Super Fruit Chews, Original Fruit Chews, Organic Cherry Licorice, Original Licorice, & Chocolate Swirl Caramels.

We love every flavor we tried, which included the Chewy Caramels, Chocolate Swirl Caramels, Raspberry Fudgee Rolls, Fudgee Rolls & Fruit Chews. They were all super yummy and literally vanished almost immediately 😉 our favorite though, had to be the Raspberry Fudgee Rolls…! They are magnificent! I fully plan on ordering a big batch to share with my family at Christmas and even stuff a few stockings with yummy Lovely Candy Co. Chewy Chocolate Peppermints! I am so glad to have discovered these amazing treats and cant wait to get my hands on more!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Leelah eating a super delicious fruit chew!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

 The face she makes when she realizes the caramels are almost gone…:(

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Yep, we loved them 🙂

To find out more about the Lovely Candy Co. or to order some for yourself you can find them here and on Facebook here.




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