Manic Drive VIP Review Guest Post–Homemaking Heather’s Mom :)

Currently I am sitting  here listening to a new c.d.  that I am reviewing and  I am REALLY enjoying the sound and lyrics! The c.d. that I am listening to is Manic Drive’s new release VIP. When Homemaking Heather asked me if I would be interested in listening to and reviewing a Christian rock band, to be perfectly honest I wasn’t sure about it. I am a country music listener for the most part and the only Christian music I’ve listened to is church hymns ( my daughter has thought it was about time to change that! ) . But I thought why not, I just might like it!

Let me just say I was taken back by how much I did like this c.d. and this band! From the first song on the c.d. the sound gets your attention and makes you want to keep listening to see what’s next., and after listening to the whole c.d., I thought to myself, how refreshing that I could let my Grandchildren listen to this and not be worried a bit about any of the lyrics or worrying about a bad word being said. And that to me means a whole lot. It’s sad when I have to turn down a certain song playing on the radio when they are with me so they don’t hear the words. There would definitely be none of that with this c.d., they sing of God and good things!  If I were to have to pick a favorite song I would say it is “Song to Sing” and maybe it’s because it is reminicent of the old time hymns that I grew up singing and loving. Here is a a snippet of the song  that I particularly enjoy : “Start to pay attention to the words I’m singing, as we start a new refrain, my past is darkness, need to find forgiveness, it’s time to turn the page, that’s when I came across a song about the lost saved by your amazing grace how sweet the sound, how great and Lord it’s been far too long since I’ve sang this song. I also enjoyed the chorus lyrics: “How great thou art, sings my soul my savior God, how great thou art, on that old rugged cross, you gave me a song to sing, you gave me a song to sing.”

After listening to the c.d. I was curious about who “Manic Drive” is. Not being familiar with Christian rock, this is the first time I had heard of  them. The information that I was able to find told me:
Manic Drive is a Canadian Christian rock band formed in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in 2004 and are currently signed to Inpop/Capitol Records. The band currently consists of brothers Shawn (lead vocals, keyboards) and Michael Cavallo (lead guitar, backing vocals), as well as Anthony Moreino (drums). The band have released several albums, receiving two Gospel Music Association of Canada Covenant Awards. They are regular performers at churches, festivals and clubs touring as opening artists.

I would highly reccomend this c.d. for all music listeners. And if you think that you aren’t into Christian rock….come on…..go for it….give it a listen. Maybe you will be like me and be converted into a very pleased listener of Manic Drive’s VIP!  Thank you to my daughter, Homemaking Heather for finally opening up my eyes to amazingness that is Christian Rock, and Manic Drive!! 
You can check out their Facebook page here: and their Website here :


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