Maple Hill Naturals All Natural Laundry Powder Review

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Maple Hill Natural’s All Natural Laundry Powder is made from the best ingredients nature has to offer to get your laundry nice and clean. Super concentrated, our Natural Laundry Powder is good for 160 loads of laundry from just one canister! It is perfect for front load, top load and HE washers. We offer three great variations: Fragrance Free, Outdoor Fresh Scented, and Lavender Vanilla Dream Essential Oil Scented.

As many of you have probably read in the past, I am super picky about how my laundry is done and what laundry products that I use…I want my clothing to be clean, fresh, smell fabulous as well as my desire for the colors to stay as bright and vibrant as possible…so I am always searching for the best most natural way of achieving my desired laundry results. I received Maple Hill’s All Natural Laundry Powder In Lavender Vanilla Dream Essential Oil Scented to try out on my laundry and see if it could cut it when it comes to my strict laundry standards.

When I first opened my laundry powder, number one, I remarked on how absolutely fabulous is smelled…if you are a lavender lover, you will be in Heaven! Then I noticed that this laundry powder looked unlike any I had used in the past, would this be a good thing I wondered, or would this go on my list of products that are not to ever be used on my precious clothing ever again?! I promptly gave this laundry powder a proper test, as I am always anxious to try out new products immediately annnnd I ALWAYS have some dirty clothes lying around somewhere. I patiently waited for my clothing to go through all of the cycles—all while smelling the heavenly lavender floating in the air, after what seemed like forever I took my clothing out…they smelled fresh, looked clean and I couldn’t find any stains, but would they look as good once they dried?! I sorted my laundry ( I hang dry tops and baby outfits, I dry my jeans, pjs/undies and towels in the dryer) let them dry/waited for the cycle to end and gave them the final test! Did they look fresh and bright? Yes! Did they still smell good? Yep! Not quite as strong as I tend to like, but in my next cycle I added a tad bit more powder and it helped! And lastly, did I notice any issues? Nope! Everything looked great! Ding Ding Ding…we have a winner, folks! This laundry powder passed all of my major tests and pleased my picky laundry tastes very well! Hooray! 🙂 I love when I do not have to compromise…I get to use a natural safe product and achieve laundry routine perfection! That is a 5/5 , folks! And let me just add…not only do I love this fantastic product, after reading information on their website, I can say that I absolutely love supporting these types of businesses and feel a major connection to the women of this company! Be sure to check them out!

This Natural Laundry Powder:

Fights Tough Stains
Phosphate Free
Chlorine Free
Dye Free
No Optical Brighteners
Safe for all Temperatures
Cloth Diaper Safe

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I loved the packaging that my laundry powder came in! Everything was very bright, detailed and informative!

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 Even the label is made from 100 percent biodegradable paper! Yay!

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One scoop per load equals 160 loads per container! Wow!
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This laundry powder was like none I have ever seen! Love it!

Image and video hosting by TinyPicAdd your scoop and enjoy safe natural fabulously scented clean clothing…no compromises!

Image and video hosting by TinyPicEnjoy and be sure to check out Maple Hill’s other fabulous products! I know I cannot wait to give the rest of them a try!!

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The Maple Hill Naturals story starts off as a small one mom company, looking to provide answers to mothers who were looking for natural solutions to everyday problems. This passion for providing answers with world class customer service continues to hold true to this day. All of our products are hand crafted in the United States using the finest materials and ingredients. At Maple Hill Naturals we are committed to helping you save time, money, and the environment every time you use our natural products.

Our Maple Hill Dryer Balls are hand crafted by stay at home mothers in the United Sates using the finest domestically sourced wool. We realized early on that the one thing that stays closest to our skin all day long is our clothing. By using only the finest domestic wool we have crafted a product that eliminates the need for chemicals in our dyers and eliminates chemical fabric softeners from our water supply. We created the extra large dryer ball in 2010 and continued to innovate this category creating Jumbo dryer balls for very large loads.
At Maple Hill Naturals we also realize that there are no cutting corners when it comes to what we put on our bodies. All our natural hand crafted soaps are made using the old world “cold processing” technique. No heat or chemicals are added producing a bar rich in natural glycerin and luxurious natural oils. Our soaps leave your skin moisturized and feeling great all day long. Our natural soaps are gentle enough for the most sensitive of skin and soothing enough for the driest. We bring this same philosophy to all our hand crafted skin care products as we continue to innovate new products.
Finally, we realize that as a member of our community it is our responsibility to contribute where we can to help create a better world. It is for this reason that a portion of the sale of each Maple Hill Naturals product goes to charity. So enjoy your Maple Hill Naturals products! We know you will love them as much as we do!




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